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New Open Lot studio space Info + viewing May 4, 2009

The new Open Lot Nashville alternative arts studio space will be available to view Monday, May 4th from 7pm-8pm. The space is still somewhat raw, so it would be great to get feedback on artists' needs/ideas before we start building it out. Everyone is invited whether they plan to utilize the studios & exhibition space or not. Please meet in front of the building at 632 4th Ave. S. Parking is free and directly across the street on 4th Ave.

Open Lot is a new collaborative studio, venue and exhibition space in downtown Nashville, TN. As an exhibition space and venue, we showcase compelling contemporary work that is underrepresented in Nashville. By featuring a diverse cross-section of work, Open Lot simultaneously embraces individual specialization and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Open Lot fosters interdisciplinary collaboration as a studio. We are looking for participants with interest in the arts, communication, and invention of any kind. Open Lot members represent a variety of backgrounds, like architecture, sound engineering, journalism, photography, painting, sculpture, fabrication, and printmaking, just to name a few. By sharing the insights, theories, and techniques of their respective disciplines, studio members gain broader understanding and amass artistic and intellectual tools.

The Open Lot Nashville space is almost ready. The building is organized into three main spaces on two floors: the ground floor exhibition space, the ground floor studios & tools, and the second floor studios. The ground floor is a large, open plan where the exhibition and performance space will be, along with communal tools, worktables, and a large communal work space. The ground floor is subdivided by small, movable walls on casters. These walls allow the space to easily be reconfigured into a larger or smaller exhibition space and add new niches for additional studios, storage, etc. as needed. The second floor houses three 250 sq. ft. large studios, one 185 sq. ft. medium-sized studio, and one 120 sq. ft. small studio. Each of the five studio spaces can be subdivided into smaller studios (or add more wall space for 2-D artists, etc.) if there is demand.

Jonathan Lisenby

Book Arts workshops at Shakerag in Sewanee, TN - June 2009

Book Arts workshops at Shakerag in Sewanee, TN. For more information:

Shanna Leino
June 14-20, 2009
Late Coptic Bookbinding

Course Description:

Focusing on book production practiced in Egypt during the seventh to
eleventh centuries, participants will each build a book with laminated papyrus boards, covered in elaborately worked leather. We will blind tool, punch, pierce, lace, and stitch the leather before covering the book. A peg and strap closure will be fashioned from bone or brass and leather. The range of textures, handwork techniques, and the feel and weight of the completed book are what make this structure particularly unique and exquisite!

Artist Biography:

Shanna works out of her studio in Harrisville, New Hampshire. Her
studio work is focused on integrating historic binding methods into new book forms, and at the moment she is focused on creating small books with covers of carved bone. She also produces simple hand tools for book binders and craftspeople. Shanna has taught workshops for Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts, Wells Book Arts Summer Institute, The Center for Book Arts, and Penland School of Crafts

Susan King
June 21-27, 2009
Developing Ideas for Artist’s Books

Course Description:
Recent trends in book arts have focused almost exclusively on book structures and reproduction techniques. Content is often left until last. This workshop focuses on generating form and content for books. Participants will use simple materials, writing exercises, brainstorming techniques, and class critiques to spark ideas. Although no previous experience is necessary, this will be a challenging and rewarding workshop. It will be particularly useful for designers, artists, and writers who want to approach creative work from the inside out, giving participants tools that will allow them to work more effectively in the studio. Book structures and technical issues will be discussed as they relate to specific projects developed in the class. Participants can expect to have several mock-ups by the end of this session.

Students will learn to generate content-driven work and to critique their own work in progress, as well as the work of others. Emphasis is on practical problem-solving technique as it applies to creative work. Previous experience is not necessary but it is helpful. Participants should be open to trying new techniques and exercises.

Artist Biography:
Susan E. King is an artist and writer who grew up in Kentucky. She moved to Los Angeles to work with artist Judy Chicago and began making books at the Women’s Graphic Center with offset and letterpress equipment. Her work is published under the Paradise Press imprint, and is in major collections including the Getty Center Research Library, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Mills College, Oakland. She recently returned to Kentucky to be closer to her roots. For more information, see her website,

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Off the Wall Lecture @ Frist: Court and Courtship in Medieval Burgundy - April 30, 2009

Off the Wall Lecture:
Court and Courtship in Medieval Burgundy

Thursday, April 30, 6:30 p.m.
Auditorium, FREE

The Valois Dukes of Burgundy (1364-1477) ruled an increasing number of lucrative territories beginning with one duchy in eastern France and expanding into the southern Netherlands. Along the way they developed a reputation for wealth and display that eventually eclipsed their French royal relatives and the rest of Europe's courts. Dr. Elizabeth Moodey, assistant professor of art history at Vanderbilt University, will investigate examples of Burgundian luxury goods in ivory, alabaster, gold, and vellum, and explore some of the delights and obligations of living well in the late Middle Ages to give the audience a glimpse of the occupations and preoccupations of court life.

TNVLA Seminar - FAIR USE FOR ARTISTS - May 13, 2009


May 13, 2009 | 5:00-6:30 PM
Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum
301 6th Avenue South

With the recent dispute over Shepard Fairey's use of an AP photograph as a reference for his Obama poster, fair use has been discussed in the news quite a bit lately. The concept of "fair use" generally refers to the use of copyrighted material without the author's permission for a limited and "transformative" purpose such as commentary, criticism or parody. During this seminar, we will attempt to bring clarity to this often murky and confusing area of copyright law, including looking at guidelines for artists when determining whether their proposed use of a copyrighted work might be a "fair use" or not.
Taught by Ken Sanney, a VLPA volunteer lawyer from Day & Blair, P.C. Ken is also an adjunct professor of law at Middle Tennessee State University where he teaches copyright law and entertainment contracts.
This program is free and open to the public. However, if you would
like to attend, you must RSVP to by Tuesday, May 12th.
There is a fee for lawyers seeking CLE credit: $40 for VLPA Member Lawyers; $60 Non-Members (for 1.5 hours CLE credit).

Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts now a program of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville
211 Commerce Street, Suite 100 | Nashville, TN 37201 | (615) 743-3055 |

Group LANDFILLART Reclamation Project

Group LANDFILLART Reclamation Project

The Project

The Arts Council of Williamson County (ACWC) is actively working with Ken Marquis, founder of, an international artist reclamation project. Landfillart is an international effort encompassing one-thousand-forty-one (1,041) artists to claim a piece of rusted metal refuse and create fine art. Originally intended for submissions by individual artists, the Arts Council is proposing a group reclamation project. Ken Marquis is very excited and supportive at the potential magnitude of our group effort. Our goal is to be the largest group represented in the reclamation project.

The Concept

The 1,041 pieces of rusted metal are actually old automobile hub caps from the 1930's through the 1970's. Each hub cap, after moderate cleaning, is affectionately called a "metal canvas." Although most "metal canvases" have been transformed by the artist using oil or acrylic paint, some have been weaved on, glued, screwed or welded to, or made into fine sculpture.

Ken's ultimate goals of this project are twofold. The first is to compile a book with the story and photos of the evolution of and the coming together of 1041 artists for a common cause, making great art out of rusted refuse. Only artists could lead such a charge. All submitted hub caps would be included in the book. The other goal is to select 200 of these metal canvases to travel and inspire other such movements. Although the project is in its infancy, Ken hopes to have it completed by 2012.


Prior to sending the hub caps back to Ken, the Arts Council would like to put the entire show on display in Williamson County. Ken is very encouraged by our efforts to show these works to our community as the ultimate project goal is to publicly portray the global art community's effort to positively impact the environment through repurposing previous metal waste into great landfillart. ACWC has secured at least one location and working on a possible second location. Ken has specified a date that he would like all the hub caps returned to him so we will have to move fast, especially if we would like to have a mini-traveling show of our own before returning the hub caps.

Here's how it works

If you would like to participate, please let us know if you are interested before May 8 (you must be a current ACWC member @ May 8 to participate). We will be ordering the hub caps on May 11th and will not be able to add to the order once it is placed. There is a $10 non-refundable application fee to help offset (ACWC) incurred expenses. Distribution of hub caps to the artists should begin June 1 and end no later than June 19 (assuming we get them prior to June 1). If the hub cap is meant to be displayed hanging, the artist must incorporate the hanging mechanism on the back of the hub cap. All hub caps must be returned to ACWC by July 31 (instructions to follow if you are participating).

We hope you will consider being a part of this environmentally historic event.

Oil Bars Class & Canvas Stretching Demo @ Jerry's Artarama April 29, 2009

Oil Bars Class & Canvas Stretching Demo
Wednesday April 29th from 1 to 3pm.

Oil Bars Class with Artist Toby Penney
Wednesday April 29th
from 1 to 3pm.
Class is $35
(includes materials)
Toby will be showing you how oil bars can be incorporated in your paintings and after class Toby will be demonstrating how to you can Stretch Your Own Canvas.
Toby is a working artist who resides in Tullahoma Tn. and has her work in several galleries around the country. Toby stretches her own canvas on a very large scale.
Check out her website at:

Call (615) 731-5901 to sign up for Toby's class this Wednesday!
5361 Mount View Rd., Antioch, Tn 37013

Creatively Fit Upcoming Art Classes May & June 2009

Upcoming Art Class


Abstract Painting Workshop
With Whitney Ferre’
Friday, May 8th 6:30 to 8:30p
Saturday, May 9th 11 to 3p
Optional Gloss Tuesday, May 12th 6-7p
At University School of Nashville
$125 includes paints/brushes, you bring a canvas.
Great Mother's Day Gift!!!
In this class Whitney leads you step by step through the layered, textured, “mixed media” approach to acrylic painting. ALMOST FULL!!! E-mail Whitney at to register.


Artist Within Workshop
with Whitney Ferre’
Tuesday, May 19th 6:30 to 8:30p
at University School of Nashville
$55 pp . You Bring a Sketchbook. All other supplies provided.
Whitney's book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit, shows you, step by simple step, how you can physiologically develop your RIGHT BRAIN muscles in order that you are better prepared to create CHANGE in your life! In this class you will start your own Creativity Workout book and begin to flex those muscles. You will learn how to tune in to your right brain voice, what Whitney calls your ARTIST WITHIN. While your left brain voice, although very important, is our inner-critic, your RIGHT BRAIN voice is your inner-cheerleader.
If you are in ANY kind of transition in your life, want to get some of your ideas off the ground, or simply feel the need for some inspiration in your life, this workshop is for you!
E-mail Whitney at to register.


Painting Made EASY!
with Whitney Ferre’
Thursday, June 18th 6:30 to 8:30p
at University School of Nashville
$55 pp . All supplies included.
Whitney had taught this class monthly for 6 years! This class takes the fear out of painting! In just this one class you iwll complete an acrylic painting, learn the easy steps so you can paint any time, and illustrate to you the relaxing and mind expanding benefits of painting!
This class fills quickly, so E-mail Whitney at to register.


Call for Submissions: "Not for Sale" @ Little Hamilton - July 2009

Have you ever created something so intriguing and beautiful that you wouldn't part with it for any price?

Little Hamilton Collective is hosting an art show this July titled "Not for Sale."

It will feature works that artists have created, but would never consider selling. By hosting such a show, we hope to stimulate a dialogue around how our economic system shapes art. Can the "art" in an object be sold? Once the art is mixed with labor and materials, is it sold as part of the commodity? Who endows an object with "art"? How does capitalism shape your art work? Please send photos and statements to

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Workshop: From Starving to Successful: Get Into Galleries and Sell Your Art - May 9, 2009

Nashville Workshop:
From Starving to Successful: Get Into Galleries and Sell Your Art

Holiday Inn Express/Airport - 1111 Airport Center Dr.- Nashville,Tn. 37214
Saturday, May 9, 2009
10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Strategy for Successfully Approaching a Gallery - Pricing your Work with Confidence
(just one of the many topics covered in the seminar)

Understand how to succeed in the art business from the perspective of a gallery owner
J. Jason Horejs
Owner, Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
16 Years Gallery Experience
Multi-million dollars in art sales
Teacher, Scottsdale Artists' School

Strolling Thru The Arts - Springfield - May 9, 2009

Strolling Thru The Arts is the annual fundraiser for The Robertson County Arts Council. The event takes place in and around Springfield's historic square.

Date: Saturday, May 9, 2009

Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Springfield Square
501 S Main St
Springfield, TN

Join us for an evening of Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater, Food & Wine. Over 50 visual artists, musical groups, dancers, a special performance from the upcoming production of "Peter and the Wolf."

Advance Tickets are $10 and are available at the following locations:
The Robertson County Chamber of Commerce | Tricia’s on The Square | Burdett’s Tea Shop | Talents Coffee Studio | The Robertson County Times | various members of the Arts Council

Tickets at the Event: $15

For more information:

Call for Artists/Crafters - Event - East Nashville - May 9, 2009

Arts/Craft Event
Date-May 9th
Location-white building, formerly known as Gallery East, behind the old Alley Cat
For more information contact
Anthony Billups

Call for Entries Female Artists: Estel Gallery - Deadline: May 2, 2009

Estel Gallery is currently accepting submissions for its June/July 2009 exhibition Be a Doll. The show runs June 4 - July 25, 2009. The opening reception will be June 6, 2009. The deadline for submissions is May 2, 2009.

Dolls set the stage for women's societal conditioning. Through play and creativity girls project who they want to be. In Be a Doll female artists explore through their artwork themes of what it means to be a woman in today's world, how women see themselves, or what women want to be.

Eligibility: Open to any female artist over the age of 18. Please feel free to share this announcement with those who are eligible and may be interested in participating.

Acceptable Media: Any media.

Fee: $10 for a total of five entries.

Participation: Emailed submissions and/or websites sent for consideration WILL NOT be considered. You may send images using the following guidelines.

1. No more than five (5) quality images of work. Please present at least two different views of any three-dimensional pieces submitted (total images including multiple angles should not exceed 15 images). Each image must be properly labeled with: Artist Name, Title, Medium, Dimensions and Gallery Retail Price. (Gallery commission is 50%.) Please do not include images of sold work. All work for the show must be for sale.

2. A current resume limited to no more than two pages and include: Exhibitions divided between one-person and group as well as Gallery representation of both current and past relationships. Please provide this as a text file on the CD with your images.

3. An Artist's Statement about your work or any comments you feel necessary to fully appreciate your work. (Please limit to no more than one page. The statement should be clear, concise and not hand-written. If you can narrow it down to a paragraph, that's even better.) Please provide in a text format on the CD with your images.

4. Submissions will not be returned.

5. Acceptance requires that the artist pay for delivery and return shipping.

6. Please make sure your contact information: name, email, phone number and address are included on a separate sheet of paper enclosed. This information is important so we may contact you in the event that we are unable to open any of the files you submit.

Deadline: All entries must be postmarked by May 2, 2009 to be considered.

Shipping note :
Selected artists will be responsible for shipping fees to and from the gallery. In the event the gallery chooses to represent the artist, the gallery will pay the return shipping fees.

Send Submissions to:
Estel Gallery - Be a Doll
115 Rosa L Parks Blvd
Nashville, TN 37203

May 2, 2009: postmarked deadline for entries
May 9, 2009: notification of inclusion via email
May 22 -30. 2009: delivery of artwork
June 4 - July 25, 2009: exhibition dates
June 6 , 2009: reception from 6pm-9pm
August 10, 2009 : return shipping of artwork

115 rosa l. parks blvd (formerly 8th ave north) • nashville, tn 37203
tuesday - friday 11 am - 4 pm | saturday 12 - 3 pm | after hours by appointment • phone: 615.251.8997 •

The Annual Rose Mont Renaissance - June 20, 2009

The Annual Rose Mont Renaissance

Saturday, June 20 2009
10AM -4PM
Vendor Set-up Time 8:30AM
810 S Water Ave. (HWY 109 South)
Gallatin, TN
On the grounds of one of Tennessee 's most historic Greek-Revival houses (ca. 1830), home of Judge J. Conn Guild.
Activities for the day: Craft and Antique Booths, Artists Displays, Live Entertainment, Luncheon, an auction of fine Antique Reproduction furniture crafted by Mr. John Garrott.
Booth Rental: $35 with your own tent.
A limited number of tents can be rented for an extra $35 ($70 total)
2, 6-ft. tables are included with tent rental.
1/2 tent with one 6 ft. table $35.00 (tent shared with another vendor)
Please make check or money order payable to Rose Mont
by May 10th and Mail to:
Marjorie Miller Designs
6528 Brownlee Drive
Nashville , TN 37205-3038

Space is limited, so don't Wait
Directions From Nashville : Take I-65 North past Old Hickory Blvd. Veer right at Exit 95 onto Vietnam Veterans Parkway/State Route 386. Follow SR-386 for 15 miles. It will change from a freeway to a regular road and merge onto Long Hollow Pike/SR-174. Pass Belvedere Drive and turn right onto the ramp for SR-109. Follow SR-109 across US 31E and continue to S. Water Avenue . Turn left and proceed for about 0.9 mile, passing Juanita Avenue . The mansion will be on the left.

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artEMBRACE - spring classes 2009

Apr 13-Jun 1: Wheel Throwing Pottery on Mondays from 6:30-8:30 in the Art Studio. Taught by Dwight Laughlin. $160 (members) $170 (non-

*NEW DATES: Apr 21-May 26: Resin Jewelry Making on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00 in the Art Studio. Taught by Pam Hall. $115 (members) $125

Apr 15-May 20: Latin & Traditional Ballroom Dance Survey (Cha Cha, Salsa, Meringue, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot) on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30 in the Y-CAP Building. Taught by Emily Masters. $45 (members) $55

Apr 16-May 21: Acrylic Painting on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 in the Art Studio. Taught by Lynn Driver ( $80 (members) $90

*YMCA Program Membership $45 for non-YMCA members (renewable every 12 months). Classes include all needed supplies, but please wear appropriate clothing for your activity. All fees non-refundable.
Flexible payment plans and special group classes available.

See you soon at the ‘Brace!

Class duration is either six or eight weeks. Non-Y-members pay a $45 Program Fee that is valid at any YMCA for 12 months. Download the Registration Form and full Winter 2009 Class Schedule at

To register for a Class: Fill out and mail or bring the Registration Form to: YMCA artEMBRACE, 1021 Russell Street , Nashville , TN 37206 to ensure your place. Or come by a few minutes before the first class in your series. Call artEMBRACE at (615) 226-5577 or e-mail with additional questions.

Bellevue Community Picnic Artisan Row - May 16, 2009

The Bellevue Community Picnic is May 16th at Red Caboose Park.
There are still spots available for Artisan Row!
It's a great venue to display art of all kinds!

More information is available at

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Nashville: Jungle Love Session: April 19, 2009

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School Nashville
Jungle Love Session w/ Bella De Ball & Tarzan
Sunday April 19th
The 5 Spot
Alright Art Monkeys its time for some Jungle Love!

Yes, spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming and love is in the air, Jungle Love that is!!! and no one can make monkeys blush with their real monkey business like Jane and Trarzan!
But Jane better watch out cause Tarzan has a new hottie - Music City Burlesque Exotic Beauty Bella De Ball!
Yes, that's right this session we will not only provide you all with a gorgeous burlesque beauty to sketch for three hours but also a hot Tarzan in a loin cloth!
So, swing in and get ready for things to heat up at Dr Sketchy's on Sunday April 19th at 5pm at The 5 Spot and the Jungle Love to be in full effect

Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School - Nashville

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Big Stitch - April 18, 2009

"The Big Stitch" is for knitting and crochet crafters. It is an event to help support The Meharry Project. This is a charitable organization whose goal is to provide a new handmade blanket and hat to each of the approximately 2500 babies born at the Nashville General Hospital each year.

We will gather at FiftyForward Knowles - 174 Rains Avenue - Nashville. This is located near the TN State Fairgrounds. The event is April 18th, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Bring a sack lunch. You will meet other knitting and crochet folks, exchange information, patterns, ideas, etc. Instructions and patterns are also available at minimal costs.

Last meeting saw at least 100 blanket sets turned in, this one we hope to gather even more. They do ask that these blankets are kept smoke free.

Reservations recommended. Anyone who would like more information should contact Deborah Stillwell at or by calling 615-579-1875.

Studio space available from AdornmentsOnline - Factory at Franklin

My name is Laura Lempke; I am a member of Adornments and we are looking for local artists in need of studio/retail space in which to work and sell their creations. We have a small gallery in the Factory at Franklin and we are hoping to expand our current gallery into a larger communal retail space with several various sized booths out of which artists can work. We would handle any sales for you (at no cost) whether you are present or not (we'd be there during business hours) and you would have 24 hour access to the space for work. We are looking specifically for artists who are capable and willing to work in their space several days a week so that the community can come and see artists at work. Booth sizes range from 10x10 or 8x12 down to 8x8 or smaller (you can also have larger if you so choose) with prices ranging from around $400 to $600 a month based on size of space desired. You may also consider getting a small group together to split the cost of the booth rental.

In exchange for that rent we would provide studio space with 24 hour access to you, use of our credit card machine and packaging materials for sales(free to you), advertising in various publications and advertising on our website (

Please let me know if you are interested or if you know of other local artists who may be interested in this opportunity. You can reach me at

Laura Lempke

Artist Career Workshop-Consultations

*Artist Career Workshop-Consultations *

Inquire or schedule your consultation: , (347) 306 1859


Sera Davis, Owner, Davis Art Advisory and THE SHOWROOM gallery

Not in Nashville?.... Phone/email Consultations available.

One session: $75 OR Three sessions: $200


* These two workshops are offered as one complete consultation.

Offered separately for repeat consultation purposes only. *

Professional Critique

This workshop offers artists a professional, objective review of your current body of work so that you are

able to continue with or evolve in your creative endeavors OR simply determine if your body of work is ready for gallery exhibition and or representation. We take a look at how to formally analyze and intellectually interpret your work. We discuss what is strong as well as what is lacking and what elements and or concepts can be pushed further to set your body of work apart. This is an important process that focuses on information gathering, and persuasive oral and justification skills. Group classes allow artists to receive feedback from the instructor as well as their contemporaries. Excellent for recent graduates or emerging-mid career artists.

Portfolio Presentation & Pricing

This workshop will ensure that your portfolio presentation is immaculate and that your gallery submission guidelines are met. We will review your body of work, prepared images, resume, exhibition history, sales history, pricing (important!) and website (or discuss the possibility of one.) The class will help determine when where and how to submit your work to professional galleries for exhibition opportunities and or gallery representation so that you are noticed and selected by the appropriate programs locally or nationally. We steer you in the right direction with confidence using our knowledge of and connections with the professional art world.

One session: $130 **includes tailored informational CD**

Three sessions: $300 (* This allows for follow up visits, questions, and a sense of discipline and continued consultation as you progress with your work and portfolio organization after each meeting.) *Includes CD.

* Home studio consultations are available for small additional fee *

GROUP CRITIQUES hosted monthly at the Gallery:

For seasoned and professional emerging to mid career artists. Ideal for Post-Modern artists.
EVERY 3rd SATURDAY, 3pm • $30 monthly cover

Get consistent formal and conceptual critiques from your contemporaries.
Bring your work and/or images of work to discuss with each other.


(*Will be postponed to the following month in the event of low attendance.) 347 306 1859 75 Arcade, Nashville, TN 37219

Martin Corner vendors - East Nashville

We are having our grand opening and a block party for all the businesses in Martin Corner.  This event will be on May 2nd at 7:00 PM.  There will be a fashion show and a few live bands playing.  We would like to invite the community to come out and celebrate with us.
We are also wanting to find vendors and anyone that wants to advertise, sell, or showcase items during this event.  If you are interested, please contact us at 615-226-1025 and ask for Corey or Latda.

1010 Fatherland Street

TNVLA Nashville Entertainment Law Clinic - April 18, 2009

TNVLA Nashville Entertainment Law Clinic


Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts and the Tennessee Bar Assoc. Sports & Entertainment Law Section host the Nashville Entertainment Law Clinic.

WHAT THIS MEANS: Do you have questions about how to copyright your art? Do you want to know how royalties work? Would you like to have a pair of expert, legal eyes look over a songwriting or literary contract? At the Nashville Entertainment Law Clinic, you can sign up for a 30-minute slot to receive pro-bono legal advice from entertainment lawyers in town. They'll answer questions about intellectual property matters (including copyrights, trademarks and licensing) and all manner of entertainment law issues.

WHEN: Saturday April 18, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

WHERE: Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the SunTrust Community Room, 222 5th Avenue South

HOW TO SIGN UP: All artists who would like to attend must sign up for a time slot by noon on Friday, Apr. 17th by calling the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville at (615) 743-3055 or sending a request to

Surface + Insight Artist Talk - April 9, 2009

Surface + Insight Artist Talk
Thursday, April 9 - 7 to 9p

Join the artists as they discuss their work in this exhibition full of surprises, not only in subject matter, but in the use of materials like gold leafed hair, mysterious hovering particles in colorful fluid and bandages on symbolic limbs. Portraying materialized conversations between bodies, memories of abandoned objects, animal-like images on skin, the exhibition features photography, video and installation with fresh conceptual approaches. This show includes work from five artists currently working and residing in Nashville, two of them recent alumni of Watkins College of Art, Design & Film.


Ruth Zelanski

Laura Young

Stephanie Brooke West - artist in residence

Jennifer Campbell - artist in residence

Ryan Hogan - artist in residence

Curated by Sabine Schlunk

Show runs through April 26

GALLERY HOURS Tues-Fri 12-6p · Sat-Sun 9a-4p

1008 19th Ave South (corner of Grand Ave), Nashville, TN 37212


Shakerag Summer Workshops - Sewanee, TN 2009

Come join us this summer for a week-long workshop on the mountaintop in Sewanee, TN. Shakerag Workshops has two one-week sessions, June 14-20 and June 21-27. We have classes this summer in soft sculpture, beading, book arts, pottery, fabric dyeing (mudcloth), felting, quilting, bamboo, and digital arts. Special speakers include Frank Stitt (June 17), owner of the Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham, and Andrew Wagner (June 24), president of the American Craft Council.
Check out our website ( for more information, or contact me if you have questions about our program. Claire Reishman, Director (

Call to Artists: LAL Project Space - KY

Call to Artists: LAL Project Space

LAL invites artists to apply for an exhibition in the Project Space for its 2009-2010 calendar year. The mission of the Project Space is to exhibit installation and new media work that is engaging, challenging, and experimental in both concept and execution. The Project Space, located in the basement of the historic Loudoun House, is 29’ x 20’ with concrete and brick walls that are painted white, and a concrete floor that is painted gray. There is one doorway (45” x 81”). The ceiling has exposed pipes and ductwork; the ductwork is 74” from the floor, the fluorescent lights are 84” from the floor. The basement also houses artist studios and storage spaces. Exhibitions will run for approximately six weeks, beginning in July 2009. The artist will be entirely responsible for the installation and removal of their artwork, as well as solely bearing the financial responsibility of any and all supplies and travel expenses, although LAL will provide a small honorarium. We encourage KY artists and those from surrounding states to apply.

To apply for the Project Space, please send a cover letter addressing the content of your work and the installation that you propose for the space, up to 10 digital images of artwork along with an inventory list of the images, and a resume listing other gallery exhibitions (if applicable). If the work that you would like to exhibit in the Project Space is currently unrealized, include a detailed, written proposal, with drawings or other images if possible. Application materials are due by April 11, 2009 and will not be returned. Notifications will be mailed by June 2009.

For more information please e-mail Mike Deetsch at

Send all application materials to: LAL Mike Deetsch, Exhibitions and Programs Director Ref: Project Space 209 Castlewood Drive Lexington, KY 40505 e-mail to

Donelson Station: Art That Speaks April 24, 2009. Deadline: April 17

Donelson Station will be hosting a new exhibit Art That Speaks. Pieces
must be in by Friday April 17. There will be a special reception for all
artist, Friday, April 24, 5 p.m. Wine and appetizers will be provided.
The exhibit will display contemporary mediums where artist have brought
a voice to that particular piece. People say that art speaks to them in
ways words cannot. When words fall short, a work of art can tell a
story, express a feeling, recreate a memory and serve as a vehicle of
expression. Art allows for validation of emotions and a way to
communicate with each other. This exhibit will display local artist from
the Nashville area. If you would like to participate in this exhibit or
future exhibits call 883-8375 or bring your pieces in during operating
hours, Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm, Friday 8am-3pm, and Saturday 8am-12noon.

The exhibit will be displayed in the halls during our production of The
Producers, which bring over 1,000 people to our center! The exhibit
dates are April 24th-May 31st. You can pick up your pieces the following

Please bring your pieces (if they are pictures/paintings, we ask that
they be framed/mounted, ready to hang) to the center and deliver them to
the director Jane Schnelle or program director Mel Shicks. Artist can
enter more than one piece in the exhibit.

Be sure to have on the back of each piece: Your name, (name of your
studio or business name, if you have one), your phone number, the name
or title of the piece, the work or artist that inspired this piece, and
the price you want or put "not for sale." Also a short bio is
appreciated (if you would like to hang our bio next to your piece,
please bring it framed and ready to hang).

If you do wish to sell your piece, 75% of the total sale goes to the
owner, the other 25% will benefit the FiftyForward and Senior Center for
the Arts. Remember, this is a great opportunity to become more known as
an artist, as the plays have sellout crowds every week!

Art pieces will be hung by Jane Schnelle, Mel Shicks, and Roberta
Steinmetz. Each piece will be given an identification plaque with
information about it. There is no limit on the number of submissions as
long as there is space in the hallways (first come first serve policy).

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope that you will participate
in this exhibit!

Donelson Station
Program Director
Melissa Sue Shicks

108 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
Phone: 615.231.1232
Celebrating 53 years of service in Middle Tennessee

FiftyForward enriches the lives of adults 50+ by providing pathways to
health, well-being and lifelong learning.

2ND Annual HANDS TOGETHER in FLATROCK - May 23, 2009

2ND Annual
Held AT COLEMAN PARK Saturday, MAY 23, 2009






Have you ever want to create your own art work, but didn’t have space in your home to spread out, or the proper materials to get started?

Then we have the perfect solution for you!

On Thursday & Friday nights, plus all day Saturday & Sunday, anyone with the desire to paint or create art can come to Art & Invention and play.

It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience, or no experience at all…

The point is to start having fun NOW!

We have easels, paints, brushes, paint panels (wooden canvases), craft supplies, and widgets & found objects for you to use.

All you really need to bring is your imagination!

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you have everything you need to make art , and just need the space to create it - call us.
  2. If you don’t have anything but the desire to make art, and have no supplies and no place to create your masterpieces - call us.
  3. If you want to work on craft items outside of your own home - call us.
  4. If you want to get together with a group of friends to make art and make an event out of it - call us.
  5. If you want to paint in the great outdoors, and don’t want to be bothered with hauling everything to the location of your choice - call us.

We will deliver and pick up everything you need.

(We call this Art & Invention- Outdoors & On the Move!)

Nothing would make us happier than having a studio full of people creating art, making friends and sharing their ideas and experiences.

See below for a list of fees and times for “Open Studio” at Art & Invention.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Art & Invention Gallery

1106 Woodland Street

EAST Nashville, Tennessee 37206


Fee Structure & Hours

For Open Studio Night at Art & Invention Gallery

Thursday Nights: 4:00pm – 8:30pm

Friday Nights: 4:00pm – 8:30pm

Saturdays: 11am – 6:00pm

Sundays: Noon – 5:00pm


Basic Fee (just to use the space- you bring all your own supplies)

Thursday & Friday night - $5.00/night

Saturday - $10.00/all day; $5.00/half day

Sunday - $5.00/day

Supply Fee (to use all our paints, brushes, painting supplies, etc)

Thursday & Friday night – Basic Fee + $10.00 ($15.00/night)

Saturday – Basic Fee + $10.00 ($20.00/all day; $15.00/half day)

Sunday – Basic Fee + $10.00 ($15.00/day)

Paint panels (wooden canvases):

We have a variety of sizes available, and can also build custom sizes for you.

A price list for wooden paint panels is available upon request.


We have a wide variety of products to make, paint, etc. Each of these will be priced as marked. If you are making a specific craft project that you buy from us, all studio fees and supplies are included in the cost of the craft item. (This includes things like wooden toys, picture frames, Valentine hearts, etc) Just choose a project and get busy making it!

NOTE: Paint panels (wooden canvases) are not considered craft items, and studio fees will apply if you choose to paint them on site.


We call this Art & Invention- Outdoors & On the Move!

If you have a group of three or more who want to paint together in the great outdoors, then we will deliver everything you need to the location of your choice within 5 miles of downtown Nashville.

FEE #1: Easel, rags, jars and cleanup water - $10.00/day per person (delivered and picked up)

FEE #2: Easel, paint kit, brushes, rags, jars, and cleanup water - $20.00/day

per person (delivered and picked up)

(To deliver to locations in East Nashville, the delivery cost would be $7.00 and $15.00 respectively)

Constitution Square Festival - KY - Sept 18-20, 2009

Last spring, the State of Kentucky announced that budget constraints would not allow the festival to continue. After public outcry over this news, the Danville Boyle County Convention & Visitor's Bureau, the Heart of Danville Main Street Program, the Danville Boyle County Arts Commission and the Community Arts Center are working collaboratively to continue this signature event. The event will be bigger and better, with an emphasis on the arts. Whether it be visual, performing or media arts, all are invited to participate!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Join the Frist Center's outreach educators in contributing to artist Mel Chin's FUNDRED project.

The FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL PROJECT is an innovative artwork made of millions of drawings. This creative collective action is intended to support OPERATION PAYDIRT, an extraordinary art/science project uniting three million children with educators, scientists, health care professionals, designers, urban planners, engineers and artists. Together they are working to make lead-polluted soil in New Orleans safe. The toxic soil currently places thousands of children at risk for severe learning disabilities and behavioral problems, including violent crime.

The FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL PROJECT is raising local and national awareness of the hidden problems of lead pollution in New Orleans through the production of "FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS"--original, hand drawn interpretations of U.S. one hundred dollar bills created by school children and community members across the United States.

The FUNDRED template and lesson plans are available for download at:

The Frist Center will be collecting FUNDRED dollars. Come by, as a group, and drop them off in the Frist Center FUNDRED vault. Questions? Please contact Andee Rudloff at 615.744.3351