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Women's Work 2010-Call for submissions

Visit the Tennessee Women's Theater Project site at , click on Women's work 2010 for complete information on this celebration of women in the arts.

Since 2007, Tennessee Women’s Theater Project has held an annual festival and celebration of works created by women: Women’s Work. Each year, we feature the work of women playwrights, poets, musicians, essayists, painters, filmmakers, dancers and photographers from across Tennessee and across the country. It's time to prepare for Women’s Work 2010. This is our call for submissions.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dr Sketchys Spring Session 3/28/10

Dr Sketchy's is ready for Spring and who better to get you all warmed up than burlesque beauty Red Hot Annie all the way from Chicago!!!!

That's right Art Monkeys! Red Hot Annie is back in Nashville and will once again be posing for your artistic enjoyment!!!

SUNDAY MARCH 28th 6-9pm
The 5 Spot 1006 Forrest Ave
$10 18+

(**Please note this months session falls on the FOURTH sunday - not the usal THIRD sunday)

What is Sketchys you ask?

Dr. Sketchy's is what happens when cabaret meets art school. Dr. Sketchy's is the little Brooklyn event that became a movement. Founded in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple, Dr. Sketchy's asked a simple question. Why can't drawing half naked people be sexy?

(** please note** this months session will be on the FOURTH Sunday of March, not the usual third)

Each Month we will have gorgeous women, musclemen, sideshow freaks and geeks. Then we let you draw them for three hours! Grab a seat $10, Grab a drink, Listen to some tunes and Draw Draw Draw!!!

Mixed in with all that will be ridiculous drawing contests where you can win alcohol and fancy prizes from local retailers.

From it's humble Brooklyn beginnings, Dr. Sketchy's now has over 100 branches around the globe, including Hollywood, London, Tokyo, Rome, Melbourne and Nashville.

See these sites for more information:

The point is this isn't your typical life drawing class. Here, the drawing sessions are about opening your mind, pushing the envelope, encompassing the model's personality and uniqueness, fun contests and having a fun time. It's also about joining various aspects of our city's culture to benefit of everyone!

ART: UP CLOSE & PERSONAL - JIM SHERRADEN of Hatch Show Print - April 12, 2010


FRANKLIN, Tenn., March 18, 2010—Jim Sherraden, manager, chief designer and archivist at Hatch Show Print®, will share the craft of printmaking during the free educational program of the Arts Council of Williamson County (ACWC), “Art: Up Close & Personal,” Monday, April 12, 2010, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the Williamson County Public Library.
Founded in 1879, Hatch Show Print®, in Nashville, is one of America's oldest surviving show poster and design shops. Since 1984, Sherraden has overseen the shop’s transition from a cultural survivor to a widely recognized graphic design icon and destination for letterpress enthusiasts. Now owned and operated by the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum, the shop is one of the oldest working letterpress printing operations in America.
Sherraden is the co-writer of “Hatch Show Print, The History of A Great American Poster Shop,” published in 2001 by Chronicle Books and now in its fifth printing. He is also the creator of one-of-a-kind pieces of art called monoprints, based on the shop’s archive, which are collected by individuals and institutions worldwide. He is a frequent speaker and conducts letterpress workshops from coast to coast.
Scott B. Hodes, director of visual arts for the Arts Council of Williamson County, points out, “The lecturers have been asked to share the experiences that have culminated in that artisan being able to fulfill the role of professional working artist in the community, such as background, history, choices and decisions, education and technique, work experience, and artistic and life influences.”
The Williamson County Public Library and O’More College of Design are co-sponsors for this series developed to educate students in the arts as well as those in the community who have an interest in the arts. The lecture series is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.
The main branch of the Williamson County Public Library is located at 1314 Columbia Avenue in Franklin. For more information about the event or the Arts Council, visit or call
(615) 428-3845.
The Arts Council of Williamson County (ACWC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) service organization that exists to enrich the lives of the citizens of Williamson County, Tenn., by bringing the arts and people together. The Arts Council envisions a dynamic, lively and diverse arts community, which is accessible to all and which is a major cultural destination.
Hatch Show Print® is located at 316 Broadway Nashville, TN 37201. Media requesting further information should contact Tina Wright at (615) 416-2084 or

CONTACT: Lucinda L. Hall
(615) 377-0771,
Linda McLaughlin, Arts Council of Williamson County,
(615) 428-3845,

UrbanArt Call-to-Artists for Wolf River Greenway Memphis

UrbanArt Call-to-Artists for Wolf River Greenway, Phases 2 and 3

Site and Project Descriptions:
UrbanArt and the City of Memphis are working together to create public artworks for the first two sections of the Wolf River Greenway to built in 2010. Additional public artworks shall be created as new greenway segments are constructed in future years.

Trail sections 'Phase 2' and 'Phase 3' are to be built along Humphreys Blvd. 'Phase 2' extends from Walnut Grove to Shady Grove, while 'Phase 3' begins at Shady Grove and terminates at Kirby Drive.

Artists will be selected based on previous experience with outdoor sculpture, and are expected to have the technical capabilities to design and install such projects, including providing maintenance instructions. Finished projects must require little to no regular maintenance. The selection committee is interested in artists who have experience with natural materials (wood, stone, metal), as well as vandalism deterring methods and applications. Sites for consideration of the final artwork installation are classified as urban edge/multi-use corridors, and should be based on visibility from trail users, as well as vehicle traffic. Final artwork should compliment the greenway setting, and respond to the distinct character of these districts, which include natural, residential, and commercial areas.

The selection committee will select 3 finalists per phase based on their qualifications, then interview each individually before selecting 1 artist to complete 1 project per project phase.

Budget: $75,000 per section
Deadline: 4:00 PM, Friday, May 14, 2010
Eligibility: Regional: open to artists living within a 400-mile radius of Memphis.

Guidelines - Please submit the following:

*Typed, one-page letter of interest that notes which Greenway Phase you are applying for, explaining a general concept including theme and materials.

*A sketch may be included, but must be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches. Please do not send original artwork.

*Resumé, not to exceed 3 pages.

*DIGITAL images of your past work, following these guidelines: up to 15 digital images. Images must be JPEG format, 1920 pixels maximum on the longest side, 72 dpi, with compression settings resulting in the best image quality under 2MB file size

*Image identification sheet with location, brief description, and budget of each project

*List of three professional references, including current phone numbers and email addresses

*Self-addressed, stamped envelope with postage sufficient for the return of your materials. Materials will not be returned without one.

All proposals must be received by 4:00 PM, Friday, May 14, 2010

To ensure fairness to all, there are no extensions or waivers of deadlines.

Applicants will be notified by letter as to the status of their application.

Send applications to:
UrbanArt Commission
Attn: Wolf River Greenway P2&3
2549 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112

For more information contact:


Commissioning of artists by UrbanArt and the pursuit of all UrbanArt activities are
implemented without preference to racial or ethnic origins, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, disability or age.

UrbanArt reserves the right to modify this solicitation and to request additional information or proposals from any or all participating artists.

UrbanArt reserves the right to accept or reject, at any time prior to
the commissioning of a work, any or all proposals when the acceptance, rejection, waiver or advertisement would be in the best interest of the project. In addition, UrbanArt may solicit proposals from artists not responding to
this call and reserves the right to select an artist outside of the pool of artists responding to this call.

The staff of UrbanArt shall be responsible for all correspondence and communication by and between applicants and members of selection panels. Discussion regarding these projects by and between any applicant and any member of a selection panel outside of regularly scheduled meetings during the selection process may be grounds for the disqualification of the applicant. Such determination shall be in the sole discretion of UrbanArt.

How It Works: Selection Committees

[*NOTE: This is a description of how Selection Committees determine an artist for the City of Memphis' Percent-for-Art program, specifically. Other clients often stipulate different processes of artist selection not covered in this issue of the newsletter. It should be also noted that the details provided below are an abridged version of the entire set of guidelines regulating the program.]

Fun Facts: A typical Percent-for-Art program project in Memphis takes approximately 100 hours of coordination from concept to completion. Selection Committee members meet for an average of 10 hours over the course of 5 meetings to determine an artist for a Percent-for-Art project. Once the artist is selected, committee members meet to review the artists' progress at least 3 more times before completion. All committee members are volunteers.

Guidelines Governing Selection Committees for the Percent-for-Art Program:

1. The UrbanArt Commission (UAC) and City of Memphis convenes a Selection Committee for each project that has been approved by the Public Art Oversight Committee (PAOC).

Selection Committees consist of:

Architect Representatives
Visual Artists not eligible for the project
Arts Professionals (such as art professors from local colleges, etc.)
Community Representatives
Participating City Bureau Representatives
Facility Management Representatives

2. The Selection Committee meets and reviews submissions from artists, including digital images, resumes, and letters of interest. The panel discusses the submissions and selects two or more artists to interview.

3. The Selection Committee reconvenes to interview the artists. At the end of the meeting the panel discusses the interviews and selects a final artist for the project.

These are the steps taken by the Selection Committee during the design process:

1. The artist submits a schematic proposal to the selection committee. The schematic proposal consists of general information about what the artist will be doing: conceptual sketch, preliminary budget, etc. The committee reviews the schematic design and approves, provisionally approves, or rejects it. The committee will continue to meet until the design is satisfactory.

2. The artist submits the final design, which includes detailed drawings and other information. The committee reviews the final design and approves, provisionally approves, or denies it. The committee will continue to meet until the design is satisfactory.

Steps taken by the Selection Committee during the implementation of the project:

The UAC works with the artist during the implementation of the project. The Selection Committee may be asked to meet during this process if circumstances warrant. Upon completion of the project, UAC will contact committee members.

Public Art Oversight Committee (PAOC):

All decisions of the Selection Committee are to be reviewed and approved by the Public Art Oversight Committee. The PAOC is a committee of seven members that has been appointed by the UAC and the City Mayor with the approval of the City Council. The PAOC provides general oversight of the Percent-for-Art Program, including scope of art projects, artworks, and artists for the projects. They also serve as a board of appeals for any issues that arise in conjunction with the Percent-for-Art Program.


General Criteria:
Projects undertaken by artists or acquisitions of artwork whether by commission, purchase, gift, or other means should further the purpose and goals of the public art program. The PAOC will determine the appropriate recruitment strategy to establish a pool of artists for each project based on standard methods described above. The selection panel will apply the following criteria when selecting artists, considering acquisitions or siting artwork.

Artistic Merit:
The inherent quality and excellence of a proposed artwork together with the strength of the artist's concept and design capabilities are the program's highest priorities. Other artistic credentials to consider include training and critical or other professional recognition.

Artwork must be compatible in scale, material, form, and content with its surroundings. When serving a functional purpose, artworks may establish focal points; modify, enhance or define specific spaces; establish identity or address specific issues of civic design. Consideration should also be given to the architectural, historical, geographical and social/cultural context of the site or community, as well as the way people may interact with the artwork. They must be able to respond to the specific contextual issues and considerations of the particular project, its community and users.

Relevant Experience:
Experience and professional record of artist/s should provide convincing evidence of ability to successfully complete the project as proposed. Particularly on collaborative or design team projects artists should demonstrate ability to:
· Communicate effectively and elicit the ideas of team members;
· Exhibit flexibility and problem-solving skills;
· Work with architectural drawings and construction documents;
· Engage community representatives in a project.
· Successfully manage all aspects of the project including budgets, committees, sub-contractors, installers and other construction and administrative logistics.

Due consideration will be given to the structural and surface soundness, operational costs and inherent resistance to theft, vandalism, weathering and excessive maintenance. Artist should include recommended method and schedule for maintenance.

Technical Feasibility:
An artist must exhibit a successful track record of construction and installation of artwork or show that an appropriate professional has examined the proposed artwork and confirmed feasibility of construction and installation.

An artist's proposal should provide a budget adequate to cover all costs for the design, fabrication, insurance, transportation, storage, and installation of the proposed artwork, plus, reasonable unforeseen circumstances. Artists should have a history of completing projects within budget. Artists should expect to garner 10-15% of the total project budget for their design fee and compensation, which is industry standard worldwide.

Fabrication and Installation Schedules:
The artist proposal should include a project timeline that incorporates design review, fabrication, delivery and installation in accordance with project schedule. The artist should have a history of completing projects on time.

The PAOC and selection committee may recommend rejection of all submissions if none are considered satisfactory and a new pool of artists may be established.


General Restrictions:
Artists or members of their immediate families who serve on the UrbanArt Commission Board of Directors or the Public Art Oversight Committee will not be commissioned or receive any direct financial benefit from the Public Art Program during their tenure on either of those bodies. This restriction shall extend for the period of one-year following the end of service and indefinitely for projects that were developed or acted upon during the artist's tenure on the Commission or Committee.

No artist may receive more than two art enhancement commissions under any five-year period. No artist may be selected for the moveable collection more than once during any five-year period.

Local Artist Participation Requirements:
One of the goals of the Public Art Program is to foster and celebrate the talents of local artists. Therefore, sixty percent (60%) of the artwork created with percent for art funds during any five-year period shall be accomplished by local artists. A local artist is defined by City of Memphis Ordinance 4934 as an artist who has lived or worked within the Memphis Metropolitan Statistical Area for five (5) or more years during such artist's career. [*As of December 2009, 84% of Percent for Art projects have been completed by local artists.]

Inappropriate Communication with Selection Committee:
The UAC staff shall be responsible for all correspondence and communication by and between artists applying for Percent for Art projects and members of selection committees. Discussion by and between any applicant artist and any member of a selection committees outside of regularly scheduled meetings for such purpose during the selection process may be grounds for the disqualification of the artist. Such determination shall be in the sole discretion of the PAOC.

Beehive Artist Collective lecture at MTSU April 1, 2010


A high energy, interactive, graphic-based picture-lecture that speaks to the overwhelming and complex picture of globalization, militarization, and resource extraction, as well as the small-scale changes and actions we can undertake to build another world!

WHEN: April 1st @ 6:00 P.M.

WHERE: MTSU BAS State Farm Room (S102)

WHAT: MTSU Student Programming hosts an interactive presentation about resource extraction in Appalachia

Long exploited as a resource-extraction colony within the US, the

Appalachian Mountains are home to a fight for survival whose outcome will determine, in part, the industrial power of this country. Without coal there would be no 'cheap' electricity. Today’s energy corporations and government bodies are continuing to show the extent of their violence and greed as they push their extractive agendas in the “New Coal Rush.”

Our insatiable demand for cheap power has lead to the most extreme and devastating form of coal mining yet, Mountaintop Removal (MTR). The TRUE COST OF COAL graphic uses MTR in Appalachia as a lens through which to understand the historical and contemporary story of ENGERY, RESOURCE EXTRACTION and of AMERICAN EMPIRE accelerating throughout the world.

We will expose the DECEPTIONS of CLEAN COAL technologies and bring to light the ensuing CLIMATE CHAOS facing the world today.

With a gigantic portable mural-in-process teeming with intricate images of plants and animals from the most bio-diverse temperate forest on the planet, the Bees will share (and seek) stories of how coal mining and Mountaintop Removal affect communities and ecosystems throughout Appalachia and beyond.

This graphic also looks to the future, raising questions about resistance, regeneration, and remediation while celebrating stories of struggle from mountain communities. The TRUE COST OF COAL will challenge all of us who casually flip on a light switch to examine our own connections to MTR- and to think about what we can do to stop it from within our own communities.

Learn more about this graphics campaign-in-process as it unfolds at:

Call for Artists: FIDO

Fido Cafe Restaurant is opening it's doors to receiving and reviewing artist submissions over the next 6 months. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis There are still slots available for the 2010 calendar.

Fido does not represent, nor take a commission from work sold. Interested buyers will contact the artists directly.

Keep in mind that Fido is a family restaurant, and think about the people that visit our restaurant/cafe when applying.

We cannot accept 3D work.

Please do not check in on the progress of our reviewing process. We will contact you if your work has been approved.

Deliver or Drop off a CD to:

ATTN: Lisa Bachman Jones
1812 21st Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37212

The CD must include:
1) 5-10 jpgs.
2) An image list, including Title, dimensions and medium
3) Artist Statement
4) Contact information- name, phone number, email address

Call for Artists to be featured at Picture This "Third Thursday" wine tastings

"Third Thursday"

A monthly event on the third Thursday of every month featuring two wines & two artists and great food.
Picture This has been hosting this monthly event for a year now and it has grown to be a very successful and popular event. We are now looking for artists to feature for our second year as this event grows and becomes more visable in the Nashville area.

Each month we feature two different artists. If selected, we will display your art work on the front walls of our gallery beginning on Monday the week of the event and you will remain hanging for an entire month. We do ask that you are present at the event and setup some type of demo presentation as our customers enjoy seeing an artist working on a current piece.

As a featured artist, you will be featured on the home page of our website the entire month. We will also create a 12" x 18" poster for the event featuring two of your images. This poster will be prominatly displayed in the front windows of ; Picture This, Jackson Downs Wine & Liquors and Bicyclette Cafe'. Posters are hung the friday before the event. You will also be featured in a four color ad in the Monday issue of the "City Paper", the week of the event, which is distributed all over the Nashville area. There is no cost to you to be featured and there is no cost to the customers to attend.

If you would like to be considered please email me the following information:

1. Name
2. Contact phone number
3. Website if you have one
4. Examples of your work if you don't have a website
5. Bio
6. Previous shows
7. Future shows
8. Months that you are available.

send this information to Matt Fischer at

We will also be supplying featured artists to display at "Bicyclette Cafe" during their wine tastings.

Please feel free to foward this email to anyone that might be interested in this being featured at this event. We are looking for both two dimensional and three dimensional artists, any type of fine art.

We are having a great time out here in the Hermitage and Mount Juliet area and we invite you to be a part of it.

SoundCrawl:Nashville - Call for Scores

Calling all: electroacousticians, composers, musicians, sound artists, noise designers, aural engineers, audio tinkerers, etc., etc. from anywhere at any time.

To a: call for works for SoundCrawl:Nashville 2010. We are looking for stereo works not longer than 7 minutes in AIFF format. Submitted files must be titled as LastName_PieceTitle. Video projection is available this year in one space. Submitted video files must be formatted in h.264 .mp4 with the same time restrictions and stereo sound. There are no live performances.

The call: will be open from March 1st to August 1st, 2010.

To submit visit: our submission page. In an effort to go green we are accepting only online submissions this year. Submissions will be sent via and payment through our paypal account.

Details, details: Submissions must include a short biography of the artist and a program note of the work and some technical info (software/hardware used, etc.). Cost of submission is $5 per work (major credit cards and foreign currencies are accepted). Works will be programmed together at “SoundStations” in various galleries and other spaces around downtown Nashville. A selection of the top pieces will be chosen for our “MainStage” in the center of the Arcade for performances throughout the evening.

Directors - AaronHokeDoenges/KyleJ.Baker
snailMail: SoundCrawl, 1906A 19th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212.

Monday, March 15, 2010

FRIST CENTER summer camp assistant application

Opportunity to serve as a Summer Camp Assistant. Art-making skills and prior camp experience are a PLUS!


Scroll to the BOTTOM of the link to find:

Get great images of your Artwork: MARCH 20th!! Third Saturday Photography & Documentation Clinic

FINALLY! A way to get great images of your artwork regularly and


A professional photographer will be set up in the gallery at Davis Art
Advisory every THIRD SATURDAY of the month to receive and photograph
artwork for artists and collectors. SIMPLE!

IDEAL FOR : Website · Marketing · Gallery Submissions · Newsletters ·
Catalogue · Etc.

Professional images of works on paper, paintings and sculpture
Receive (1) raw image and (1) 300ppi cropped and color corrected image
per photo.

Every Third Saturday!
Drop off artwork between 9am and 3pm. All work must be picked up by
Alternate days available by appointment ($150 minimum)

Schedule your drop off.
Receive a CD of prepped images or download within 1-5 days. or 347 306 1859

• $20 per 2D object
(1) raw image / (1) 300ppi color corrected
$10 per additional angle or resolution (ie. 72 dpi cropped image for

• $40 per 3D objects for 2 angles
(2) raw image / (2) 300ppi color corrected

• $20 for a Portfolio Report that meets professional standards
• Add a Professional Artist Critique/ Career Coaching Consultation for
$100 ($130 value)
• Head Shots: $45

Davis Art Advisory in the Arcade (Suite 75 upstairs)

Read about packages and discount opportunities at

Call to Artists: DAA is seeking artists to include in our "Fine Artist Catalogue"

Davis Art Advisory is seeking artists to include in our "Fine Artist
Catalogue" and online database, which will be used by local and
national interior designers and architects for their projects. This
will be updated every 3 months. The goal is to present reasonably
affordable fine art options for designers in an effort to elevate
their design.

* We will not be representing artists in this regard. As art
consultants/dealers, we want to know about you to include your work in
our catalogue/ files to share with professionals as options for their
projects. We generally implement a standard 50/50% agreement on sales
when working directly with artists to sell at retail/ market value.

Artists must include the following images and information to be

• CONTACT INFORMATION (We will contact you regarding inquiries or

• IMAGES categorized into folders:
* Please ONLY submit works that FIT into the following parameters:

Folder 1: $500 or under (small to medium scale preferred) (5
Folder 2: $1000 or under (medium to large scale preferred) (5
Folder 3: $3000 or under (large scale preferred) (5 images)

* JPEGS, 72 dpi, around 5"x7"
* Please include your last name, title (abbreviations OK) and
dimensions in the name of each jpeg. Example: "smith passing clouds

• Include a Corresponding Checklist with the following: (Please use
Word, Text Edit or similar)
Prices (include paper vs. stretched canvas print prices if applicable)

NOTE: Notate if any of your art is reflective of Nashville's
buildings, landscape or community.
NOTE: The demand is for large images under $800.
NOTE: Signed, limited edition prints of large paintings are OK,
especially if printed on canvas.


Exhibition Opportunity for Artists/ Artisans during Gallery Crawl

Exhibition Opportunity for Artists/ Artisans looking to Gain Exposure
during the Gallery Crawl :

INQUIRE for APRIL'S EXHIBITION!! Space is limited...

We are dedicating our project space to 5 or 6 local emerging artists
on certain months for exhibition opportunities.
Work will be installed before the Gallery Crawl and will stay up month
long. Gallery will curate and install the work as a group show.

-Approximate space: 6-7’ (W) x10’ (H)
-All work must be labeled on the back with title and prepared to
hang. A word document must be submitted that includes the following
for each piece: Artist name, Title, Specs, Medium and Price.
-Spring/ Summer Exhibition Fee: $100
We may recommend an Artist Critique/ Career Consultation (see below)
before exhibiting, as this is a juried opportunity and an opportunity
for critique and portfolio assistance when appropriate.

INQUIRE ASAP FOR APRIL! or 347 306 1859

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Proto Pulp at Art & Invention


Art and Invention invites you to apply to the 2nd annual children's book show, "Proto Pulp Classic Books of the Future". This show is open to all children's book artists and will take place at Art & Invention in East Nashville September 18 thru October 17. We will be accepting up to 12 artists to participate this year." Proto Pulp" came about when a group of artists decided it was time to bring their book ideas to completion, so they set a date and "Proto Pulp" was born. The show had such a great response that it is now a yearly event.
The vision of "Proto Pulp" is to let the artist express the full spectrum of their ideas by creating not only a finished book but also merchandise that directly relates to it. Last year artists made soft sculpture, prints, posters, stickers, pillows and journals that all complimented their books, as well as proto types of future books.
In it's 10th year the Art & Invention Gallery is an integral part of the East Nashville community, focusing on inventiveness in fine art, craft and furniture.

Open to children's book illustrators.
Artists should submit copy and illustrations for a book that is either complete or which will be complete by September 2010.
Completed books must have fewer than 500 copies in print. Unpublished works are also acceptable.
You may submit any artwork which relates to your book, including loose prints, sculpture, toys, etc.

mail the following to:
☛ Proto Pulp P.O. box 60742 Nashville, TN 37206
☛ Send in 4-6 images on a disc, file format jpeg maximum size 1000x1000
☛ Prospectus of the book you are working on.
☛ Merchandise ideas
☛ Printing and or art process.
☛ SASE if you want your items returned.
☛ Email address
☛ website

Deadline to apply: April 26th
Jurrying will take place the first week of May
Notification of acceptance will be by email May 7th

we are very excited to have three respected professionals in their fields be our judges this year.

If you have any questions please email them to:

Public Art Neighborhood Planning Meetings

Metro Nashville Arts Commission
invites you to
Public Art Neighborhood Planning Meetings

Thursday, April 1
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Edmondson Branch Library community room
5501 Edmondson Pike, Nashville, TN 37211


Thursday, April 8
5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Watkins College of Art, Design and Film, room 503
2298 Rosa L Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN 37228

An initial meeting in mid-February set some broad goals for
neighborhood public art. The next phase of public art planning will
look at areas beyond downtown for favorable project locations. These
upcoming meetings will help gather multiple perspectives on the
intent, focus and potential viable sites for neighborhood public art.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BELLS BEND ARTS: A Call For Your Work - Deadline: March 28, 2010

A Call For Your Work

Applications Being Accepted for Show
Highlighting Our Community

Art & Invention Gallery invites you to apply to their upcoming show, “Bells Bend: A Sense of Place”. This show is open to all artists who have created work connected to Bell’s Bend- its landscapes, people, history and future.

Bells Bend is a place where the past—at least ten thousand years of human history—is still visible and the present is very much alive.

Some Nashvillians see it as a garden district, others as ancient dirt filled with ten thousand years of history. Some come with their binoculars, while others arrive with jogging shoes or bicycles. At least one plays the fiddle at the local market.

Some view it as pure landscape—barns and rolling fields, while others have more urban visions.

The Vision of “Bell’s Bend: A Sense of Place”, is to let each artist express their ideas and point of view about this wonderful place. What is your take?

Exhibit runs from April 24, 2010 – June 6, 2010, with an Opening Reception on Saturday, April 24 from 6:00pm- 9:00pm


*Open to all artists and all mediums

*Artists must have work related to Bell’s Bend that has been completed in the last two years or is close to completion now.

* All artwork must be for sale.


Please send 4-6 images on a disc, file format jpeg maximum size 1000x1000 to:

Art & Invention Gallery

1106 Woodland Street

Nashville, TN 37206

Attn: Meg MacFadyen

(Please enclose a SASE if you want your items returned.)

Also, please send the following information:





Home Phone:____________________________

Cell Phone:______________________________


Deadline to apply: March 28, 2010

Jurying will take place the week of March 29 – April 4, 2010

Notification of acceptance will be by email on April 5, 2010

Thank you!

We look forward to seeing what you have created.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Call to Artists – Flying Solo Exhibition Series 2010/2011

Call to Artists – Flying Solo Exhibition Series 2010/2011

Nashville International Airport

Nashville, TN

Submission Deadline: Monday, April 5, 2010, 12 a.m. (midnight) Central Standard Time

The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and Arts at the Airport announce a Call for Proposals for the Flying Solo Exhibition Series at Nashville International Airport. The exhibition opportunities are open to Tennessee artists or artists who can demonstrate a strong connection to Tennessee.

This year we are utilizing the CaFE system at It is free for artists to set-up a profile and manage images. You can find more info on the Nashville International Airport website The Direct link to the CFP is

Artists must comply with the submittal requirements described in the Call for Proposals to be considered.

Please post, distribute or forward.

Questions? Contact:

Arts at the Airport

Speaker for Visual Artists - 3-2-10

TACA is presenting a speaker from Florida who visual artists should be interested in. He is Lynn Davison, and his software allows artists to spend more time on art. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Date: Tuesday, March 2

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Topic: New software for visual artists to document and maintain inventory…and more!

Speaker: Lynn Davison with Artist’s Butler (

Presented by: Tennessee Association of Craft Artists (TACA)

Venue: Room #501, Watkins College of Art, Design & Film

Address: 2298 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. (MetroCenter), Nashville, TN 37228

Venue Phone: 615-383-4848

Price: FREE!

For more information: 615-273-2147


NASHVILLE, TN – Fusion 10 and The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation (TMPCF) announce a Call to Artists.

We are seeking local artists for a show/sale at the Cannery Ballroom and Mercy Lounge, Saturday, April 10th, 2010. Additionally we are seeking submission to donate to TMPCF’s silent auction.

Are you interested in having your work viewed by an audience of 1200+?
Do you want the opportunity to win a feature in Nashville Arts Magazine? Here’s your chance to
show Nashville what you’re made of and benefit a great cause at the same time. The winner of Fusion 10’s Artist Competition will be featured in NASHVILLE ARTS MAGAZINE as well as in a press release to the mass media and will receive a spotlight on with a link to your website for one year!
Remember, space is limited, so sign-up today.

What is Fusion? FASHION. MUSIC. ART. FILM. Fusion is the nation's largest young adult cancer awareness event and, having formed a reputation in the Nashville community as a SOLD OUT affair, Fusion 10 is continuing in its efforts to use the arts as a platform to give cancer survivors a voice. This year’s event will feature over 100 visual, fashion, film, and musical
artists. With live performances by renowned Nashville musicians, the spring collection debut of some of Nashville’s finest fashion designers, a striking art show from local Nashville artists and an independent film festival, Fusion 10 is sure to delight the senses.

Art Show: In keeping with the Fusion theme, we are looking for a wide variety of art, whether it be oil, acrylic, mixed media, photography, sculpture, jewelry design. This will be a great business opportunity to chat with potential buyers, hand out your business cards and display an artist statement.

Your $25 Entry Fee includes:
• An approximate 8’x 6’ display space for your art
• A chance to win Fusion 10‘s Artist Competition Grande Prize
• Free Entry into the event for the Artist
• Venue, display space, lighting and an audience of 1200+

To Sign-up, submit the following: either by mail to: Fusion Artist
Submissions, C/O The Minnie
Pearl Cancer Foundation, 310 25th Avenue North, Suite 103, Nashville,
TN 37203 or by paying through
Paypal on and emailing forms to

1. Artist Registration Form – Acknowledging the desire to be in the
show and committing to a
donated art piece for the silent auction. (Can be found on website)

2. $25.00 Entry Fee - paid by cash, check to the MPCF, or PayPal at

3. 2 JPGS - examples of your artwork.

Questions? contact: Duncan Ragsdale, Art Chair at 615.294.5441 or We look
forward to a positive response and greatly appreciate your support for
Fusion 10 and The Minnie Pearl
Cancer Foundation! For more information on the Foundation call
615-467-1936 or visit

*All art must be appropriate for a public environment and meet the
standards maintained by the committee. Material containing nudity,
profanity, illegal activities, violence or negative depictions of
social, ethnic, or political groups or individuals will not be
admitted to the show.

Fusion 10 ART FAQ’s

1. What is the Grande Prize? The grand-prize winner of the Fusion
2010 Artist Competition will receive the following: a) your work will
be featured in Nashville Arts Magazine following the event, b) a press
release featuring the name of your art and contact information will be
sent out to all of our Fusion press associates, c) a picture of your
work will be on display for viewing on the Fusion website for one year
with a bio and link to your website, and d) you will receive a copy of
The Art of Tennessee Catalogue compliments of the Frist Center for the
Visual Arts…and other goodies TBD!!

2. Who are the judges for the Fusion Art Competition? Confirmed
judges include Katie Sulkowski with the Nashville Arts Magazine and
Andee Rudloff of the Frist Center for the Visual Artists, with
additional judges to be determined.

3. What is the judging criteria? Originality, Craftsmanship, Elements
of Art, Composition, Unity and Variety, Medium and Texture, Use
of Space, Presentation, Degree of Difficulty.

4. When is the submission deadline? All applications must be
submitted and paid for by April 1st in order to participate in the
Fusion 2010 Art Competition.

5. When will the winner be announced? The winner will be announced at
Fusion 2010 prior to the final band taking stage.

6. Do I get a free ticket? Fusion is a sold out event and
unfortunately we cannot give away any complementary tickets. As a
participating artist, your ticket is included in your entry fee, but
any friends and family members will need to purchase tickets ahead of
time to guarantee entry. Tickets are available at

7. What is the entry fee and what does it include? The entry fee for
Fusion 2010’s Artist Competition is $25 and that includes: display
space [two 4’x6’ display panels], lighting, venue rental, exposure to
gallery owners in Nashville, the opportunity to sell your artwork to
over 1000 potential buyers and the chance to win our Grande Prize.
Checks can be made out to The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation.

8. What is the artist’s commission and donated piece? Each
participating artist donates one piece to The Minnie Pearl Cancer
Foundation (TMPCF) silent auction. This year the donated piece will be
placed in the silent auction area leaving more room for your art to be
displayed on your wall. If the donated piece is not sold in the Silent
Auction the night of the event, it becomes the property of TMPCF and
can be used for future auctions at their discretion. All other work on
display is available for sale with a 30% commission donated to TMPCF.

9. How does the event check-out/payment system work? Any non-donated
art piece sold at Fusion will be paid for at TMPCF check-out table (we
do accept credit cards) and Artists will receive checks via US Postal
Service 2-4 weeks after the event for artist’s portion of such sales.