Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Studio space available from AdornmentsOnline - Factory at Franklin

My name is Laura Lempke; I am a member of Adornments and we are looking for local artists in need of studio/retail space in which to work and sell their creations. We have a small gallery in the Factory at Franklin and we are hoping to expand our current gallery into a larger communal retail space with several various sized booths out of which artists can work. We would handle any sales for you (at no cost) whether you are present or not (we'd be there during business hours) and you would have 24 hour access to the space for work. We are looking specifically for artists who are capable and willing to work in their space several days a week so that the community can come and see artists at work. Booth sizes range from 10x10 or 8x12 down to 8x8 or smaller (you can also have larger if you so choose) with prices ranging from around $400 to $600 a month based on size of space desired. You may also consider getting a small group together to split the cost of the booth rental.

In exchange for that rent we would provide studio space with 24 hour access to you, use of our credit card machine and packaging materials for sales(free to you), advertising in various publications and advertising on our website (http://Adornments-Online.net).

Please let me know if you are interested or if you know of other local artists who may be interested in this opportunity. You can reach me at AdornmentsOnline@gmail.com

Laura Lempke

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