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Book Arts workshops at Shakerag in Sewanee, TN - June 2009

Book Arts workshops at Shakerag in Sewanee, TN. For more information:

Shanna Leino
June 14-20, 2009
Late Coptic Bookbinding

Course Description:

Focusing on book production practiced in Egypt during the seventh to
eleventh centuries, participants will each build a book with laminated papyrus boards, covered in elaborately worked leather. We will blind tool, punch, pierce, lace, and stitch the leather before covering the book. A peg and strap closure will be fashioned from bone or brass and leather. The range of textures, handwork techniques, and the feel and weight of the completed book are what make this structure particularly unique and exquisite!

Artist Biography:

Shanna works out of her studio in Harrisville, New Hampshire. Her
studio work is focused on integrating historic binding methods into new book forms, and at the moment she is focused on creating small books with covers of carved bone. She also produces simple hand tools for book binders and craftspeople. Shanna has taught workshops for Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts, Wells Book Arts Summer Institute, The Center for Book Arts, and Penland School of Crafts

Susan King
June 21-27, 2009
Developing Ideas for Artist’s Books

Course Description:
Recent trends in book arts have focused almost exclusively on book structures and reproduction techniques. Content is often left until last. This workshop focuses on generating form and content for books. Participants will use simple materials, writing exercises, brainstorming techniques, and class critiques to spark ideas. Although no previous experience is necessary, this will be a challenging and rewarding workshop. It will be particularly useful for designers, artists, and writers who want to approach creative work from the inside out, giving participants tools that will allow them to work more effectively in the studio. Book structures and technical issues will be discussed as they relate to specific projects developed in the class. Participants can expect to have several mock-ups by the end of this session.

Students will learn to generate content-driven work and to critique their own work in progress, as well as the work of others. Emphasis is on practical problem-solving technique as it applies to creative work. Previous experience is not necessary but it is helpful. Participants should be open to trying new techniques and exercises.

Artist Biography:
Susan E. King is an artist and writer who grew up in Kentucky. She moved to Los Angeles to work with artist Judy Chicago and began making books at the Women’s Graphic Center with offset and letterpress equipment. Her work is published under the Paradise Press imprint, and is in major collections including the Getty Center Research Library, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Mills College, Oakland. She recently returned to Kentucky to be closer to her roots. For more information, see her website,

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