Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Whole Foods Market Nashville - Call to Artists

Greetings Artist of Nashville!
This letter is to invite you to add part of your talent to the new Whole Foods Market Nashville, opening November 1 in Green Hills. We are asking several Nashville artists to partake in an art project of painted used guitars that will be exhibited in the café at the new Whole Foods. We are asking that you as an artist find a used- very used guitar at a local shop - I have been around a few shops and found several if you need a few leads on where to find one... (for this you will be reimbursed for to a maximum of $75 so keep your receipt). We are asking for acrylic painted guitars with some theme of Nashville or Tennessee (ie. Skyline, icons of Nashville, the Iris etc) The first ten artists to respond will be chosen and all works of art will need to be turned over to Whole Foods Market by or on October 29th. Your name will appear next to your piece in the café and we will auction them off in a year or so with proceeds going to a local Music Foundation of Whole Foods Market's choice (TBD). Once artists are chosen more detailed information will be sent you. A tax deductable form will be given to participating artists.

We hope you will be interested in this project! Please call me with any questions 512 577 9069. -Julie

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