Saturday, October 6, 2007

Call for poster designers - Untitled Winter show 2007 (Deadline: October 24th)

Wanna design the poster for the next show?

Here's how it works...

Contest: Artists bring posters to a meeting and those who attend the meeting vote for the design they like the most. The chosen poster design will be printed and distributed/hung all over town as well as posted on the internet as the official poster for the show. Artists are welcome and encouraged to design, print & distribute their own posters or promotional items for the show. Untitled will only pay for printing of the chosen design.

What to bring: A printout of your design. It helps to have it printed in the final size but it's not necessary. Just be sure that everyone will be able to see the image and get the idea of how it will be formatted for printing. It also helps to have most or all of the required text and images on the design.

Bring your designs to the regular weekly meeting on October 24th - 7:30pm at Kazu in Cummins Station.
(209 10th avenue south)

digital, drawing, painting, etc. The design should leave room for important text & images about the event. The final file will need to be ready for printing. Artists may collaborate as well. If you are an artist with an image but no graphic design skills, you will need to hook up with a designer who can format your image for printing and include the necessary information.

Size: Posters can be full color or not, up to 11"x17”. Please keep in mind that we also print small postcard size fliers.

The important text & images to include:

+ the untitled logo – prominently displayed, undistorted and at least 3 inches long (download here: )
+ the metro nashville arts commission logo, undistorted and 1-3 inches long (download here: )
+ show date - December 14, 2007
+ 6-10 pm
+ free
+ one-night-only art exhibit
+ uncensored art for unlimited audiences
Venue name or logo : Layl'a
venue address: 909 20th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212
+ (easily legible)

You can put these in whatever order, font and configuration you like. Before printing, the final draft will be approved by PR chair and board members.


Need some inspiration?

Here is a link to our flickr group for examples of past posters:
Also, check out our past shows section on our website for more poster designs. (under construction)


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