Tuesday, October 16, 2007

the (rabbit) : New Nashville art publication (& a launch party)

the (rabbit) philosophy:

Things are always changing and moving, but where is our movement? We know it’s here somewhere, in the individuals and in the groups they have formed. It exists in the artists and galleries and cooperatives and enthusiasts and in anyone else who gives a shit. And regardless of our different paths as individuals we are all in that latter category and we are looking for others who share our enthusiasm for the art taking place here and now.

We call ourselves the (rabbit).

This is an art publication made to be a record of the burgeoning art scene in Nashville. We want to be fertilizer for the healthy plumule of inspiration and competition that can materialize if we, the art makers and appreciators, challenge ourselves to seek out relevant and innovative artistic endeavors.

In a refusal to separate ourselves from the general public, we will be a giant ear or maybe a lot of tiny ears (and throw in some eyes for good measure) for all those who wish to share themselves with us. What we are seeking is the untapped voice of the creative community in Nashville. So feel free to rant and bash, praise and swoon over, react and laugh at all we're trying to show you. Just make sure you’re loud enough so we can hear you.

When all is said and done, and the newsies hit the street, we hope to give you something interesting to look at. We also hope that something in this rag will inspire you to challenge, feed, punch, love, argue with and (at the very least) regularly toast the amazing creative beings that surround you daily.

And we in turn raise our glasses to you.

Who started it:
Casey Pierce
Leslie Guimaraes
Lauren Jones

Launch Party:
date: Tuesday OCT. 16th
time: 6-9pm
place: FIDO 1812 21st ave. S.

We'll have wine.
It is also an art show.
Paintings from Casey Pierce, Joel Batey, and Nathaniel Brindley

Contact for more info & about submissions:

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