Friday, October 19, 2007

Crafty People: NCM accepting goodie bag submissions now! (deadline: Nov. 15)

The Nashville Craft Mafia is accepting promotional items from all crafty people to put in our goodie bags for our winter "Stocking Stuffer" Show.

This is a great opportunity to get some attention from new customers and advertise yourself for free to hundreds of Craft-Hungry customers.


We will be making between 75-200 goodie bags, so submissions of at least 25 items would be most helpful (but any amount you can contribute will be accepted and used).

Items can include business cards, stickers, flyers, promo items, samples of your work, coupons, booklets, and other fun stuff.

Please contact me if you are interested in contributing.

All submissions due by Nov. 15th.


Nashville Craft Mafia

You will need to provide at least 25 promo items plus a show sample of your work for the goodie bags.
Goodie bag items can include can be pens, stickers, business cards, note cards, etc. Basically a promotional item for you booth.
Most vendors just make small items that represent their work. (like I am making votive candles to put in the goodie bags)
Look here for examples:

The show samples will go in the The Big Boss's Goodie Bag
The other 25 items (you can provide more if you want) will go in the cloth tote goodie bags
Any left over items will go in the free paper goodie bags.

  • 1st- The Big Boss's Goodie Bag will have one representative sample (approx.$10 value) from all our vendors to be raffled at the end of the day.( ticket proceeds to our charity)
  • 2nd- We will have 100 cloth tote goodie bags with random samples from all of our vendors that will be available for a donation to our charity
    • This bag will have the very best items we received from all our vendors and volunteered goodie bag contributors
  • 3rd- we will have 50-100 free paper tote goodie bags that will have business cards and small items from our goodie bag contributors

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