Saturday, October 6, 2007

Untitled Documentary - call for film crew

Untitled wants to document our Spring '08 show. The lead up to the show, the show, the clean up and the things that happen to bring up the lights.

By document, we mean we want to take moving pictures of all these things. We are humbled by the cost of all things related to actual film so we will shoot 'Film Style' on the best HD Digital Video format we can get.

Our goal is to have a very short clip for our website, and a half hour to hour version to pitch to Public Television and Art Channels.

Untitled Artists Group, Nashville, is a non-profit group; therefore, we will not sell or create profit for any individual with this project. It's for us; and people who want to sit and watch us in full motion pixels.

Planning has already started and we want you to be involved - We have a place for you, if you:

  • Have experience with making film and video, all phases, pre- through post production.
  • Have experience with Untitled but have no experience with film beyond the masterful super 8 or VHS work you did in sixth grade.
  • Have no experience with Untitled, or film and video, and can't spell documentary.

We want you.

Untitled wants anyone that wants to be involved because there'll be a lot of work - and it's a hell of a good time. Hard work like digging a ditch is hard work, good time like the laundry mat is a good time compared to digging a ditch.

If you're interested send your name and briefly tell us you're related experience or what you'd like related experience in - here: We'll meet to flesh out a team at the regular Untitled meeting, Wednesday, October 17 at 7:30 at Kazu

Sorry, but if you're a pro we can only accept you're donated talents and or gear. We're not begging we're just pre-rejecting your offer to work for a rate. Our budget is less than zero. However, we will give you full rights to any footage you help shoot for your own project or as stock footage.

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