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Call for Artists! Untitled Winter Show ANTI-FREEZ​E - DEADLINE: DEC 4

Call for Artists! Untitled Winter Show ANTI-FREEZ​E - DEADLINE: DEC 4

Can’t wait to register for Untitled’s 2011 Winter Show, Anti-Freeze?! Well, you don’t have to wait any longer because REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

That’s right! Get your typing fingers ready to register for Untitled’s 2011 Winter Show, Anti-Freeze at Marathon Village.

How to register:
For a full description of how to register, go here. http://www.untitlednashville.org/participate/

1. Register online via the link above before midnight on December 4th.
2. Pay the $15 registration fee one of three ways: PayPal, via mail or at a meeting.  No commision is taken from the sale of artists' works.
3. PROMOTE! Share the poster, post on Facebook, and tell all of your friends and family you’re participating!
3. Bring your piece, ready to hang and with your name and title on it to drop-off Wednesday, December 7, at the venue from 6-7:30pm
4. Volunteer to help with the show and bring wine (or soft drinks) to drop-off.
5. Attend! Anti-Freeze is Friday, December 9, at Marathon Village from 6pm to 10pm

It’s that easy!

We will be giving away FIFTEEN (15!) Artist Prizes!! Thanks to these amazing sponsors!
Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School - Nashville (4) gift cards
Performance Studios Inc. - gift card
LIME TIGER STUDIO (3) gift cards
Jerry's Artarama Nashville- lots of art supplies about (6) prizes
Watkins Community Education Program- $100 gift card to take an adult class

Artist Prizes are given away near the end of the event and one must be present (and listen for their name to be called) to win. All participating artists' names are automatically included in the random drawing.


Nashville's UNTITLED Artists Group welcomes you to its 2011 Winter show "ANTI-FREEZE,” Friday, December 9 from 6 to 10 p.m.  This free, all-ages, one-night-only art eventwill take place at Marathon Village, located at 1305 Clinton Streetnear downtown Nashville. 

It’s timeto enjoy great art, cocktails, and fascinating people in a relaxednon-traditional environment and unique venue. Join Nashville’s emerging and innovative artistsfor the group’s last show of 2011. "ANTI-FREEZE” is the latest in a seriesof successful quarterly exhibitions that support artistic innovation and offeralternative visual art in non-traditional spaces.  Untitled charges no commission to exhibitingartists and offers the opportunity for patrons to view and purchase originalart by local artists.  Patrons may purchaseartwork by cash or check and may take their pieces home with them at 10 p.m.the evening of the show.

Untitled is excited topartner with historic MARATHON VILLAGEas the location of the winter show. ANTI-FREEZE will take place in the 3,000square foot event space located on the third floor with spectacular views ofthe Nashvilleskyline.
Serving as a model of adaptive reuse of historic structures, Marathon Villageis one of Nashville'smost creative communities -- with more than 45 tenants representing fine,commercial and performing arts.
The shuttered Marathon Factory was languishing in weeds and neglect when urbanvisionary Barry Lyle Walker recognized its potential and bought it in 1986. Walker has overseen development of his Marathon Villageinto a 4 block complex housing artists' and photographers' studios, offices,radio station, a fitness center, a gallery, Corsair Artisan Distillery andAntique Archaeology. The redevelopment of the 32,000 square ft. administrationoffice building/130,000 square ft. factory into commercial studio space is inits twenty-fifth year of continual renovation.
For more details and historical information, visit marathonvillage.com.  *

In addition to art bymany local veteran and emerging artists, complimentary drinks, and mingling,live performances are scheduled throughout the evening as well as music by DJ Get Better. Performers include: Blue Moves Modern Dance Company and UmbraA'Shadi.

Untitledwould like to thank the following sponsors for contributing participating artist prizes for the winter show: 
Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art SchoolNashville, Performance Studios Inc., Lime Tiger Studio, Jerry's ArtaramaNashville, Watkins Community Education Program.

Untitledwould also like to thank these additional sponsors: 
Pastry Babies, Roc’s Bar-B-Que, CorsairArtisan Distillery, Specialty Ice Carvings

The Artist Deadline is December 4th. Visit untitlednashville.org to register.


UNTITLED Nashville has introduced new artists to the communitysince 1991, is comprised of several hundred artists, and has left an indeliblestamp on the burgeoning Nashvilleart scene. UNTITLED members include staff and exhibiting artists fromZeitgeist, Plowhaus, Twist Gallery, The Rymer Gallery, The Showroom, MIRGallery, Estel Gallery, Studio 83, and Blend Studio. UNTITLED members alsoinclude art faculty, students, and graduates from Watkins College of Art andDesign, Belmont University,Vanderbilt University,Nossi College of Art, Savannah College of Art and Design, LipscombUniversity, TSU, Fisk University,MTSU and many other fine institutions.

UNTITLED isa non-profit organization dedicated to supporting artists, reaching new artaudiences, and offering alternative visual arts experiences in the Nashvillecommunity. The group's meetings and shows provide opportunities for artists toconnect, collaborate and learn from each other. All artists, at all levels andin all media are invited to attend weekly meetings every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.and participate in quarterly exhibitions. New artists are highly encouraged to show! For more information aboutthis show and the Untitled Artist Group and its programs to support and promotethe visual arts, please visit our website at www.untitlednashville.org or emailus at info@untitlednashville.org.

* Please note that Marathon Villageis a historical building and the event space is currently not handicapaccessible.  Please submit any questionsor concerns to info@untitlednashville.org.

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