Tuesday, November 22, 2011

artUP Call for Entry!

Britten is a creative services organization that specializes in putting "art up" for over 6,000+ clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Through artUP – we want to connect these clients with all kinds of artists in order to initiate unique, creative opportunities. We will do that by putting each entry in the online Artist Marketplace, where Britten clients can view and purchase work for their own individual needs. Hopefully, through artUP, we will create a giant stock library of original creative work. This will benefit not only us and our clients, but artists as well. If an entry from the Artist Marketplace is purchased and printed with Britten, we will pay THE ARTIST 10% of the order cost! Ie. If an invoice is for $300, the artist will get $30. If an invoice is for $3,000, the artist will receive $300!

This is besides the $15,000 Grand Prize and the display opportunities throughout the United States for 300 selected artists.

We truly believe that this is something that can benefit every kind of creative individual: students, teachers, professional artists, graphic designers, hobbyists… you name it. If you'd like, feel free to spread the word! Visit our website at artUP.BrittenBanners.com

For more information about Britten, the host organization, you can visit BrittenBanners.com.

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