Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art Design Contest ($300) for 2012 Greeting Card Fundraiser

The Phoenix Club of Nashville, a local non-profit that supports the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee, is currently seeking artists to participate in our annual holiday greeting card fundraiser. This campaign relies on donated work from local artists that capture the spirit of the holiday and/or our city. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee.

Last year’s campaign raised over $50,000. In addition to supporting a worthy cause, our artists receive favorable publicity and exposure. Each card will have the particular artist's citation (logo, website, trademark, company or school) as they want it to appear. In addition, the artists' work will be displayed on our website, which shall include the citation and an artist's bio. The artist will receive visibility with the clients and friends of our charitable customers (leading corporations, banks, and marketing, public relations, and law firms). We typically sell 30,000 to 40,000 units per year.                                                                                                                                     

If you are interested, please submit your artwork to me by January 31, 2012 at jtmeador12(at)hotmail(dot)com. Let me know if you have any interest or questions.  

View our current Greeting Card Campaign online here. If you decide to purchase cards this year for your friends or family please list Todd Meador as the referrer on the form.

Deadline to Submit Artwork:  Finalists will be chosen January 31, 2012.

Benefits of Helping:

·         Help children of the Boys and Girls Clubs

·         Exposure for yourself, company or school

·         Publishing opportunity (if you are a student)

·         Chance to win $300

Contest Details:

Up to nine designs by local artists will be selected to be published. The Phoenix Club calls on businesses locally and some businesses nationally to sell the greeting cards. The designer of the card that sells the most will receive $300. You are not required to sell the cards yourself although we appreciate any sales you may be able to point in our direction.

Design Options:

·         City of Nashville

·         Nashville during the holiday season

·         Holiday images such as a snowman, presents, Santa, ornaments, etc.

·         We only need the design for the front of the card (we will write the content for the inside of the card)

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