Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Pottery Cooperative in Nashville

Potters, Clay Artists and others interested in creating with fired clay:

A new Pottery Cooperative is looking for a few more members - enough to keep costs down, but not so many we have to wait to use equipment. Long hours of access to building and studio daily.

Starting July 1 we will have a building in downtown (4th @ Elm). It has free parking, lots of space and an excess of creative energy from the other artists in the building. You will have access to open areas outside the pottery studio. Very social atmosphere. Wireless internet is provided, as well as opportunities to participate in shows.

I have 1 potters wheel and 2 kilns plus lots of other tools and equipment.
We will acquire more if needed later. This is just starting and we can make up the rules as we go.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you may be interested as we will have our 1st meeting Thursday, June 11.

Kat Townsend

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