Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Be a part of an art installation - Send your Trashy Clothing!

Be a part of an art installation - Send your Trashy Clothing!

I am creating an installation at the new Blend Studio Art Gallery at the Arcade in Nashville. This installation is to bring awareness for the need of textile recycling in America. We are a country of stuff and often just throw it away only to fill our landfills. There are recycling programs for plastic, glass, aluminum but rarely do you see one for textiles. According to the Council for Textile Recycling every American on average throws away 68 pounds of fabric each year!

How can you help?? I am collecting used clothing, in any condition (dirty, with holes, it does not matter) from as many people as possible. Each piece will be labeled with the name and location of the person who donates it. All the pieces will then be stitched together to create one large installation art piece bringing awareness to this problem. I would love to get at least one piece from everyone! Come on you know you have an old shirt, skirt or pants hanging in that closet that you don't want.
After the installation, and some before, all the fabric from the items will be sewn into new items that will be sold at local galleries and shops. The money raised will be sent to Kiva. An organization that helps people of poverty survive. I have selected a lady who is a weaver with 5 children making $3 a day and her husband makes $2 a day recycling. Kiva creates a loan for the family that they will pay back. They are wanting to purchase a bike for the husband to deliver the recycling he collects. The family lives in Cambodia. Some money will also be used to help local schools with recycling programs. And who knows what other great things we will accomplish!

Send me your trashy clothes today!! One shirt in a small mailer envelope should cost about $2 to ship. And you can be a part of this great project!
All envelopes will be reused.
A website will be up and running soon so that you can follow the progress. Drop off sites will also be available if you have lots of clothing to donate.

Mail today!

send me an email for snail mail address: denton.tiffany@gmail.com


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