Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Artists' Career Workshops - Davis Art Advisory - UPDATED!

at the request of many artists

*Artist Workshop-Consultations *

Inquire: info@davisartadvisory.com or #(347) 306 1859

Instructor/ Consultant:

Sera Davis, Owner, Davis Art Advisory and THE SHOWROOM gallery

Bio/Resume, Website

Not in Nashville?.... consultations available via phone/email. Highly successful. Feel free to let your artist friends know in other cities.


These workshop-consultations are meant to be

intimate, progressive and inspiring!

Professional Critique Workshop and Consultation

This workshop offers artists a professional, objective review of your current body of work so that you are a ble to continue with or evolve in your creative endeavors OR simply determine if your body of work is ready for gallery exhibition and or representation. We take a look at how to formally analyze and intellectually interpret your work. We discuss what is strong as well as what is lacking and what elements and or concepts can be pushed further to set your body of work apart. This is an important process that focuses on information gathering, and persuasive oral and justification skills. Group classes allow artists to receive feedback from the instructor as well as their contemporaries. Excellent for recent graduates or emerging-mid career artists.

One on one ($50/workshop)

Optional: $35/follow up meetings

Portfolio Presentation & Pricing Workshop and Consultation

("Professional Critique Workshop" recommended as a prerequisite to this class)

This workshop will ensure that your portfolio presentation is immaculate and that your gallery submission guidelines are met. We will review your body of work, prepared images, resume, exhibition history, sales history, pricing (important!) and website (or discuss the possibility of one.) The class will help determine when where and how to submit your work to professional galleries for exhibition opportunities and or gallery representation so that you are noticed and selected by the appropriate programs locally or nationally. We steer you in the right direction with confidence using our knowledge of and connections with the professional art world.

One on one ($50/workshop)

Optional: $35/follow up meetings

*Home studio consultations are available for a small additional fee.

*Please email Sera Davis to schedule a day and time for your workshop-consultations.

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