Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd Call for Artists - Plowhaus June Show (6/6-27)

The Plowhaus Artists’ Cooperative invites local artists to be part of our next downtown show for the month of June. In keeping with the Nashville Pride Festival, occurring June 20th at Riverfront Park, our theme is a loose one, celebrating diversity, the spirit of inclusion, and the importance of accepting difference among people.

Here are some possible clues to what this art will represent (thanks to artist Betsy Clapsaddle for her slightly altered words, which I am using):

Nashville pride; meaning the city must be represented literally in the piece [like with a skyline or a landmark], or

Nashville pride; meaning if you do work in Nashville, then whatever you come up with is acceptable as long as it reasonably family friendly, or

Nashville pride; meaning acceptance of the GLBT population as one with an important place in Nashville,

For the June Downtown Art Crawl (Saturday, June 6,
2007) through the end of the month, we would like to invite artists
who want to celebrate Nashville Pride to exhibit their artworks. We
also want to hold a special reception in conjunction with the Pride
Festival Downtown on June 20th.

Everyone is welcome to participate—the $25 entrance fee (to pay for
gallery costs) will entitle artists to roughly 3-4 linear feet of wall
space. We ask that artwork be reasonably family friendly -- an honest,
mature, expression of oneself is okay. Graphic depictions probably
won’t be okay. Our goal is to celebrate a Nashville where everyone can
feel at home, included, valued, and welcome.

In addition to the participation fee, we ask that artists contribute
to the opening refreshments and sign up for a show job. These will be
discussed in a future e-mail with interested participants. For any art
sales, the Plowhaus will take 25% as its fee.

A preliminary show calendar:

Tuesday June 2nd art drop-off
Wednesday June 3rd - Thursday, June 4th curating/hanging
Saturday, June 6th – Downtown Art Crawl
Saturday, June 20th – Pride Festival Reception

Interested artists should let me know immediately (by Friday, May
15th) if they would like to be part of the celebratory exhibit. We
need 20-25 artists to make this happen.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to participate.

Stephen McClure

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