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Call for artists - 8 OrangePai Art Gallery

8 OrangePai Art Gallery August 21-27, 2008

I. Mission Statement:

Public health, in no doubt, needs a stronger prescription for awareness of well-beings. According to the National Coalition on Health Care (NCHC), 16 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007 hemorrhaged to total health care spending.

The debut of 8 OrangePai Art Gallery on August 21-27, 2008, is a great event to orchestrate a diverse group of medical professionals, who are amateurs of art. A belief, which visual aid is art, circumvents not only the lethargy of patients’ chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, or malicious cancer, but also the gratitude of cheerfulness.

With this promulgation of art for health to the public, more people are aware of their physical conditions and show appreciation of art.

P.S. Combining two parts together-medical and artists groups, who are in different fields to show arts is a great way to promote health.

II. When:

August 21-27, 2008

III. Art Location:

219 Fifth Ave North, Nashville, TN 37219. (Next to the Dollar General and across The Historic Arcade)

IV. Activities:

1) Art Show 2) Musical concert 3) Silent Auction 4) Opening/Refreshments

5) Seminars 6) Published art book

V. Help Needed:

1) Volunteers 2) Marketing sales 3) Event sponsors 4) Paintings 5) Donations to the Dispensary of Hope 6) Talented people

VI. Items:

Art gallery comprises of oil/color paintings, photographs, cartoons, illustrations, wood work, poetry, or short stories.

VII. Contact Information:

Fifi Pai, PharmD., President

8 OrangePai Publishing

Mobile: (615)305-9466

Email: paififi@hotmail.com

Note: Application Form Enclosed-Dateline July 31, 2008

Please email the completed application to:

8 OrangePai Publishing

Attn: Fifi Pai, PharmD., Event Coordinator


Tel: 615-305-9644

Please send your artwork to

PO BOX 11776, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Or contact me at (615) 305-9466 for drop-off

8 OrangePai Art Gallery - August 21-27, 2008



Name ________________ Occupation ___________E-mail ______________________

Address ___________________________ City ____________

State ________ Zip___________ Home Phone (_____)_____________

Cell (_____)__________________ Fax ____________________________

Company/Business ____________________________

Business Address ______________________________________

I want to: (Mark one or more)

£ Help marketing in sales and promotion

£ Offer refreshments/vender

£ Play as a musician. I play __________

£ Embellish the Art Gallery

£ Contacts

£ Donate my time as a volunteer

£ Contribute to silent auction Item(s): ______________ Valued at $___________

£ Share my authentic artwork _________________ (paintings, photographs, illustrations, graphic designs, poetry etc.)

p.s. Please enclose the title and introduction for the art

£ Administrative Assistance

£ Advocate the event by flyers, emails, and phone calls

£ Abet as IT person

£ Give a speech. Title: __________________ How long is the speech: _________

£ Help in printing

£ Donation $ _________________

£ Fundraising

£ Other _____________________

P.S. Closing Date: July 31, 2008

How did you hear about 8 OrangePai Art Gallery? ________________________________________________________

Why would you like to become a volunteer for the event? _______________________________________________________________________


Do you want to join our art of medicine alliance? Yes No

Thank you! We appreciate your interest in becoming a volunteer at 8 OrangePai Art Gallery and look forward to the creativity and compassion that you can bring to the public. You will receive a response about volunteering in our 8 OrangePai in a week.

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