Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Tennessee Arts Commission Cultural Tourism Grants Deadline: March 25
These grants are available to any nonprofit organization or government entity chartered in the state of Tennessee. All projects must have an arts focus and at least one primary partner (or the applicant) must be an arts-focused entity. All potential applicants must discuss their projects with Leigh Patton, director of community arts development, by March 18, prior to submitting an application. For more information, click here.
Tennessee Arts Commission Grants
Grant categories include Major Cultural Institutions (MCI), General Operating Support (GOS), Rural Arts Project Support (RAPS), Arts Project Support (APS), Arts Access (AA) and Arts Education (Teacher Training, Artist in Residency and Community Learning). The grants will be available for fiscal year 2009, which begins July 1, 2008 and ends June 30, 2009. Applications and guidelines can be found online at www.arts.state.tn.us.
National Endowment for the Arts "Grants for Arts Projects"
Grant categories include Access to Artistic Excellence, Challenge America: Reaching Every Community, Fast-track Review and Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth. For application or guidelines, click here.

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