Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Music City Arts tv9: Call for artist interpretation of logo

Greetings Fellow Artists ~

Music City Arts tv9 (MCA tv9) is twenty-four hours of music, art, theater and dance spanning all genres, countries, and time periods. We are a non-profit 501c3 whose mission is to educate, entertain, and promote the arts community of Nashville, Tennessee

We are carried on Comcast Cable channel 9, serving the Metro-Davidson/ Nashville community.

One component of our programming day is devoted to the Classic Arts Showcase.You can't miss us while scrolling through the endless assortment of reality TV shows or Britney's latest drama - we're the channel with an opera playing over an old silent film clip, a classical overture layered over the paintings of Edvard Munch, or a Japanese ballet. We have recently acquired the technology to more actively control our programming. This means, we can attach our logo to the channel, let people know how to contact us, and solicit donations.
While we will most definitely continue carrying Classic Arts Showcase, MCA tv9 will, in the near future, offer you an exciting assortment of live musical concerts, theatre productions, art films, and documentaries.

Really, the sky's the limit to what we can do for the Nashville creative community and its fans.

We are having a benefit to raise money for arts programming on Friday April 4th at the Basement on Eighth Ave. We will be launching our channel on April 1, 2008. Please keep an eye out for us in the local press!

We want to know what you, as the community, wants to see.

We also would like to invite all of Nashville's visual artists to reinterpret our logo - to put their own special, creative spin on it!
We hope to use these versions of our logo for station ids and promotional materials.

Interested in helping support our cause? Drop me a line and let's talk about how we can work together to make our arts community stronger, more visible, and better connected!

Thanks for your time!
Brittany Conner
Metropolitan Educational Access Corporation 120 White Bridge Rd #46 Nashville, TN 37209 bconner.meac@comcast.net



Brad said...

Is this a call for entries for a contest to re-design the logo or what? Is there any sort of deadline? Are there any requested formats?

Untitled Artists Group said...

Don't know....just passing info along. Use contact info listed to get more info.