Monday, July 19, 2010

Tomato Art Fest 2010 artist booths at Billups

Tomato Art Fest 2010
Booths at Billups Art

Booth fee $200.00
no application fee

Billups Art is hosting booths for the Tomato Art Fest. We have a few remaining outside booths in front of Billups Art, behind Beyond the Edge and on the patio between Billups Art and Drifters. We will be running the same hours as the Tomato Fest and are expecting thousands of people to be walking around and checking out our booths. We will also be hosting the Tomatolympics and drawing lessons for the children.

Setup will be from 7a-9a and you are expected to bring your own tent. If you are interested but do no have a tent, we have four available outdoor booths underneath an awning. Tents are preferred to be 10x10 but if you have a 12x12, you wont get the boot. Splitting booths is allowed, but please let us know. Booth fee is $200, no submission needed.

For those of you who have not participated in a Billups Art Fair, it is an amazing environment with live music all day long and will be even more amazing considering the fact that it is the Tomato Art Fest. Thanks for all of your continued support, we look forward to working with you.

E-mail for booth or event info.

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