Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Intern Art Opportunities

Mel Chin Studio is currently seeking interns across the country to facilitate regional participation in a nationwide collaboration, THE FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL PROJECT. The project is gaining momentum right now, and the armored truck will depart from New Orleans this fall to begin a 5 month journey across the country to pick up each and every FUNDRED to deliver to Washington, D.C. in the spring.

Internship opportunities are still available during the Fall 2009 semester, with potential to extend into the spring. If you know Mel, you know that this will be a unique, worthwhile, and FUN opportunity.

Internships are open to exceptional students, recent grads, and other motivated community members. We would appreciate your assistance in contacting and encouraging strong candidates within your networks.

For internship application specifics, go to:
Additional questions regarding the internship or project in general can be sent to: news@fundred.org

p.s. Beyond internships, the project is open to anyone to participate. If you haven’t already checked out the project, please visit fundred.org to see how you can participate in this simple and rewarding project!

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