Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Call for your Mail Art: Twist Art Gallery

Call for your Mail Art: Love Letter to the Post Office

Recently, our dear Arcade Post Office has been threatened with closing
by the U.S. Postal Service. While we all assume the end of paper mail
is at some point inevitable, we certainly have a nostalgia for actual
handwritten letters and postcards. The Arcade Post Office has been in
the Arcade since the very beginning, opening in 1903. 106 years later
- is it the end of an era? We hope not, but in the meantime, send your
heartfelt Love Letter to the Post Office via Twist Art Gallery, 73 Arcade,
Nashville, TN 37219. Please make it a postcard no larger than 5" x 7"
and postmark by July 24th.

We will hang your postcards in Twist 58 for the August Gallery Crawl.
Postcards will not be returned, but will be sold at the Gallery Crawl for
$5 a piece to support future Twist exhibitions in the Arcade. (It is our
third birthday after all!! And we hope to have many more.) You need
not be an artist to send us a postcard, but we hope it will get your
creative juices flowing.


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