Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ACRYLIC PAINTING WORKSHOPS (Spring Hill - Longview Rec Center)

These workshops are taught by an award-winning, professional local artist. Come join the fun in this relaxing atmosphere. Snacks provided.
Registration info: 615-302-0971 Ex 10

Abstract Expressionism (photo 1)
The 1900 Expressionism art movement is characterized as the visual expression of emotions or feelings through distorted shapes, form and vivid coloration. Learn brayer and palette knife techniques to create a 10x10 expressive painting.
Dates: Tuesday, January 18
Class Fee: $25.00 / Supply Fee: $8 (all supplies included)

Discovering Textures (photo 2)
Discover textures within your ever-changing world and translate them onto canvas using acrylic paint. Through this process, you will experiment and create up to nine miniature texture paintings, using specific tools to capture organic and mechanical patterns.
Dates: Tuesday, January 25
Class Fee: $25.00 / Supply Fee: $10 (all supplies included)

Acrylic Painting: Special Effects & Techniques (photo 3)
Energize your painting style and explore special painting effects and techniques. Create up to nine miniature paintings using techniques such as washing, sponging, stamping, soft-focus effect and more! You will also be shown how to create a collage using your paintings.
Dates: Tuesday, February 1
Class Fee: $25.00 / Supply Fee: $10 (all supplies included)

“Splash Dance” Landscape (photo 4)
Imagine a skyline at dusk on a cool evening! Paint a landscape with emotional impact and discover how easy it is to create a skyline, horizon and foreground. Explore techniques for blending earthtones, splashing, dripping and a soft-focus effect.
Dates: Tuesday, February 22
Class Fee: $25.00 / Supply Fee: $10 (all supplies included!)

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