Thursday, January 28, 2010

Studio Opportunity - East Nashville 5 points - Billups Art

Hey Artists,

We are finishing up our studios in Billups Art!

If you are in need of studio space, please contact us. I cannot tell you just how excited I am to meet all of you, see your work and start working with you to create something amazing!

Studio Bullet Points
from $250-$350
--month-to-month lease
--6am-2am access
--10am-6p Mon-Sat business hours...anyone to walk through our doors
during those hours will have exposure to your art!
--Men and Women's Restrooms
--Internet Access
--Right now, we have over 20 events scheduled in February and 15 in
March. These events are both private and public events that offer
endless exposure to your work.
--Art Strolls...our growing monthly East Nashville Art Stroll will be
one night a month that our wonderful, art-loving neighbors will be
strollin' around to see your work.
--Creative, motivating environment. Be surrounded by artists who can
motivate, critique, advise and join in your creative process!!!
Personally, my most influential time as an artist was when I was in an
environment just like this...each day, I had access to Jodi Hays, Jeff
Stamper, Julia Martin and more. That experience is a big reason why I
have been creating my art for a living for over three years!
--Website link and profile. Our new website is under construction and
will be finished soon. We will highlight your art on our site, as well
as link to your site. Currently, is
averaging over 3000 views/month!!!
--Fully Heated/Air-Conditioned building
--Participation in all of our events, from Art Fairs to the Tomato Art
--Over 300sq ft to display your work
--Have your own show. We are letting our artists choose dates to have
their own private events, such as open studios, birthday parties, etc.
Not only does this benefit YOU as an artist, but also the rest of our
--Bi-weekly Marketing Meetings. I am the first to admit I don't know
everything. That is why we are going this route, to get people in who
can help make every event as great as can be. We are extremely open and
want you to have ownership over your space and the building, I can
promise you that you will have a voice in everything that goes on.
--Nashville Scene Ads, our shows and events will be in the Scene Ads
that we have been running since May.

Please contact with a link to your art and we will setup a time for you to come by and check out our studios.

Anthony Billups
Billups Art
Anthony (615-489-5100) Clint (615-812-9239)

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