Thursday, October 1, 2009

Panel on Drugs and Creativity 10-8-09 at Nashville Public Library

Join us 4-5 pm Th., Oct. 8th, at the downtown library to get a free, limited edition piece of Adrienne Outlaw's "The Enhancer Project" and to join a talk with an expert panel about how taking "smart drugs" may affect creativity and innovation.

A multi-part artwork, Outlaw's "The Enhancer Project" consists of public talks about the ethics of pharmacological neuroenhancement, publically distributed, brain-shaped viewfinders, an informative and participatory blog (, and an installation piece for exhibit.

Panelists for the Oct. 8th talk include writer Michael Sims along with Vanderbilt University faculty Elizabeth Heitman, Jeffrey Schall and Dr. John Greer. Adrienne Outlaw will lead the discussion. Audience members may participate.

Outlaw made "The Enhancer Project" for ART MAKES PLACE, a year-long project whereby 7 artists make 7 temporary, community and performance-based artworks for public spaces in Nashville.
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