Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TNVLA offers articles on Fair Use: TNVLA.ORG


Check out the "news" page of our website for articles and other contributions from TNVLA volunteer lawyers. This winter, we're focusing on fair use topics:

Fair Use Lessons from the Harry Potter Lexicon Case: Ling Guan, TNVLA Volunteer Lawyer from Boult Cummings, analyzes the recent Harry Potter Lexicon decision and the key takeaways. "This case presents an informative discussion on fair use doctrine and serves as a useful guide for artists and authors who occasionally reference or incorporate portions of third party works into their own." Read more...

Fair Use Defense Keeps Movie Alive: A Discussion of Lennon v. Premise Media: Kelly Randall, TNVLA Volunteer Lawyer from King & Ballow, provides an overview of the recent fair use decision, Lennon v. Premise Media. "Imagine a world where you can use brief clips of influential music to make a commentary on certain beliefs and controversial debate. That is exactly what a film company did and will continue to do after a recent victory in court against the family of the late music legend John Lennon." Read more...

Practice Changing Practice: Fair Use in Documentary & Online Video: Genet Berhane, TNVLA summer extern from Vanderbilt Law School, discusses the impact two new statements of fair use are having on the industry. "The Center for Social Media at American University has taken steps to clear up some of the confusion surrounding fair use by releasing the Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use and the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use in Online Video." Read more...

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