Monday, September 17, 2007 presents 20/20

SHOPDROPPING.NET presents 20/20

SHOPDROPPING.NET is currently seeking 20 artists in their twenties for a new project that will consist of an upcoming book and exhibition. 20/20 will profile each artist and copies of the limited edition book will be shopdropped into bookstores throughout the world.

In the spirit of shopdropping, we are seeking artists who are exploring new forms and pushing boundaries within their field. Bands and musicians with hard to define genres, Internet filmmakers and compulsive bloggers, curators and gallerists working out of their homes, post-vinyl dj's and digital vj's, actors and writers working outside of film, theater, and television, artist collectives, culture jammers, and other hard-to-define creative minds are in demand.

To be considered for this project please submit examples of your work via web link to:

DO NOT send jpgs, mp3s, or other file types directly. Links only please.

Please repost this information and pass it along to anyone who may be interested. A deadline will be announced soon.

For additional information see:

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