Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Marketing & PR Workshop for All (Types of) Artists Dec 19, 09

Marketing & PR Workshop for All (Types of) Artists: E-newsletters

12 noon on Saturday, December 19, 2009
At the Selection Center, 2960 Sidco Drive in Nashville, TN

Attend a workshop to learn the basics of e-newsletters, including who to send them to, when and how to send them. To submit your sample e-newsletter to be used in the presentation, click here. The cost is $35 for attendance or $25 for members/readers of Professional Sponsors. Cost includes lunch, networking, the workshop and Guest Speaker(s).

To register for this workshop, email Register@MeganMcInnis.com and include December in the subject.

NOTE: Artists In Nashville is a Professional Sponsor of this event, so if you are a member of ArtistsInNashville.com, you will receive the discounted price of $25!

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